“This is “our” moment” and “This is “our” time”

  The above two phrases, in bold all caps, are on the outside front of the envelopes in which I receive weekly letters from Obama, soliciting money for his presidential campaign.          "This is "our" moment" and "This is "our" time"   The letter contained in the subject envelope contains phrases like;

“justice for “all” of our citizens”, “the forces of fear and division” This is clearly an example of a Self-Serving African-American usingrheteric to instill hate and racism in his own race to get votes.

   There is no way we can force all African-Americans and Whites not to be racist against each other, but I feal we have very little racism left except for that which is caused by self-serving individuals to further their own ambitions.    If Colon Powell had run for President, I would  have voted for him in a "New York Minute", because he has too much integrity to stoop to using the

race card to get votes. He could get all the votes he needs on his ownrecognance because he is John McCain’s African-American “Character” twin.

  The "our" he uses in the two phrases on this envelope  could not be referring to all the people or the Democratic Party since we have all had

“our” moment and “our” time. I have also heard Obama use these phrases in his campaign speeches.


WHO IS “OUR”? Here is a copy of the envelope in which I receive letters from Obama at least one time every week in which he solicits money for his campaign! The “our” he uses in the two phrases on this envelope could not be referring to the Democratic Party since they are now in power and have been in the White house more than the Republicans. I have also heard Obama use these phrases, “This is “our” moment” and “This is “our” time” in his campaign speeches.
We need a president who
talks to “all” of the people of the US, not one who is talking only to people of his own race, color,ethnic beliefs or gender.