I had work to do, but what has happened to Rush this evening deserves a diatribe...

As you all might be aware, Rush was kicked from the group bidding for ownership of the St. Louis Rams this evening. If you are not aware of what has transpired, then head over to the Drudge Report and allow your jaw to drop over what was insididiously accomplished today. This is America 2009. Do you like it what we have become? I know I don’t.

The link to Breitbart for the story http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D9BB5J5O3&show_article=1

I thought that this day would never come; a day in which we would see a shakedown that didn’t involve money. The shakedown we saw today was for the purpose of malice and revenge. No other reason can explain what has happened to Rush’s venture to obtain a limited stake in the St. Louis Rams. Power my friends, this will empower more to follow in the footsteps of these antics. I mean, this is a story that has all of the great things that you come to expect from the newest great American MSM and small interest groups; slander, libel, and racketeering for power’s sake.

As I said elsewhere in my comments tonight, and I hope I do not regret in the morning, I am disgusted, embarrassed, and disheartened by what happened to Rush this evening. It was a benchmark of everything this country has devolved to. A convicted felon can return to football to which the sycophants accept, but a man who makes a misconstrued statement about Donovan McNabb is villified by the NFL commisioner as “divisive”. I am just flabbergasted by all of this. I have twins on the way as we speak. The wife is over two months along in the pregnancy, and I actually told my wife tonight that bringing children in this world may have been a mistake.

I have listened to Rush for over 10 years now, and I know that the NFL is one of this man’s greatest passions. I look at it this way, the man had a dream. Unfortunately, the powers of the left decided that he is unworthy of his dream; therefore, what happened this evening was the satisfaction of bloodlust. Did they satisfy it tonight, no. Bloodlust is insatiable to those that hate, and Rush will have to die a 1000 violent deaths for them to feel 1/100000th complete in their dementia. Chris Mathews eloquently proved this point last evening. They can not beat him on ideas and influence; therefore, the personal and financial payback desired was excised this evening.

Furthermore, I am disheartened at the state of affairs in the country displayed today. The liberals in the country officially get to decide who’s dreams are worthy of fullfillment. Those that are too successful are somehow exempt from the pursuit of happiness, and those that are miserable are deserving of a little less misery exacted off the backs of those who’s hardship is ordained by the left. That’s the game we play now, keep your nose down and do what they say or suffer the wrath of slander, libel, and socially unjust theft. Pretty soon, your views will become a hate crime to the left and it will be achieved through your children.

That’s why I fear for my children, I fear that I may not be able to shelter them from this or teach them what’s right and wrong, because what I believe and what I know to be true is not so to the compromised mentality of those that rule. That’s why I said what I said to my wife this evening. Anyway, as all of you will agree, I will beat these tactics and I will bring these kids up right, even if I have to fight to homeschool them to teach them right or wrong, I will do it.

(The story power’s that be felt the plot of this diary was a little weak thus the insertion of the diatribe on the children) Now back to the subject…

Rush wanted Obama to fail because his ideas and plans are an anathema to these United States and its Constitution. Other’s wanted Rush to fail because they hate him. Projection, as much as they disbelieve in its existence as a tactic in their repertoire, the more it becomes a reality to us of its existence and use.

So to all of you trolls and moby’s dropping by to gloat in what you believe to be a personal accomplishment in life, have at it. I on the other hand will sit here and continue to revel at the cesspool you are creating. Lastly, I and many of my colleagues around here do not engage in your games of class warfare and personal hate because in the end when the game you set up to play turns on you, you only have yourself to blame and eventhough your pain and anguish may be justified, I will still be there to pull you out of the mire. You know why, because I have honor and class something that you and your colleagues have in perceptually abound quantities but sorely and realistically nonexistent. You folks that raise your hands in victory over today’s accomplishment, are nothing more than an effervenscently noxious fungus growing on my nations and everyone in its prosperity, and yes, that prosperity always and shall remain inclusive of the wildly succesful Rush Limbaugh because he is not exempt under these U.S. and their Constitution.