Republicans are you paying attention?

Apparently, you are not, because every time you get in control of Congress you do nothing.  The Democrats showed tonight that you can ram things through in record time and add amendments at the last minute with not one person in attendance ever having read the entire thing.  Now if you are ever to get back into Congress, I demand that you ram legislation through repealing everything that was done tonight and previously.  

The Democrats seem be under the impression that the country is in a war of ideology and because their legislation is so distasteful to the American public they understand that time is of the essence. On the obverse, our points and ideas are very palatable, but after the Democrats frame the debate through sycophants and the MSM it becomes objectionable to the American public. Why does this happen every time? It is because you fail to create a coherent message, establish a unified front, or the maintenance of the original idea or policy prior to the successful completion of the demonization process initiated to solely undermine your efforts.

I could give a damn about you and your district, because come 2010 this vote will be used against you and it will work. Thanks for handing your district to the Democrats. Maybe you should switch parties now to help the Republicans as penance for you insolence today. You’re damn right I am angry. I have never put so much time and effort into making calls as I did today and to lose this vote I am livid.

For those Republican elected officials that decided they would swing the vote in the Democrats favor tonight, I suggest you retire at the end of your term in 2010 or switch parties to run as Democrat.  I see that you can be bought by legislation.  What does not make sense is that you voted against the Stimulus bill but somehow this bill is a good idea?  How can you rectify these two conflicting votes?  I have to suspect that you can be bought and I wonder if we can find GE or some other interested party involved in funding your campaign. 

Let me teach you something turncoat Republicans, I want you to look at the Democrats that passed their bills and ask, how do they get legislation through so easily?  Because they know how to wheel and deal with you and then turn on your rear ends the moment they can.  They will fight you tooth and nail in your district and they will point to your vote for this as the reason for not electing you.  Kind of a dirty trick don’t you think? That’s the way they roll. Do you understand you republicans morons? Now shake your head yes. Did you listen to your party, no.  Now I will make sure that not one dime of mine will enter your pocket for your election, and I would recommend that the GOP funds be redirected from you campaign to fund a true faithful Republican that will not sell his party out.  Listen, when I say faithful Republicans, I am relegated to solely Republicans that “hold the line” in preventing the expansion of Government.  Since you failed this simple exercise, I expect the Republican that takes your place to solely vote to repeal your actions today, that’s it.  Not to hard is it, now would you like to reconsider your vote today?  You may get the chance if the Senate kills it.

The below is what I sent to Congressman Connolly as a result of the most ridiculous letters I received immediately following the vote today, which leads to believe the man was lying when he said he was undecided, there was no way to write an email(letter) that long and with as much BS in only two minutes.  Just for the record, that threat of resources means I will fund his opponent and I may actually try to resist my inability to go door to door for the GOP candidate just to see this guy seeking employment at GE in 2010. 

Dear “Former” Congressman Connolly,
Given how quickly I received your email following the vote, I must assume that you lied to me today when I was told by your staff that you were undecided.  For your vote today on the HR 2454, I will do everything in my power to make sure that you are not re-elected to the office for VA-11.  I will commit my full resources to make sure people like you can not sell out our future for garbage science and you utter conjecture.  We will make sure that 2010 is the year that people like you are kicked to curb for your Socialist/Marxist agenda.  America does not need people like you to destroy it and that my friend is exactly what you have done today.  Enjoy your unemployment Congressman, I will try not tripping over you when you pan handle in the streets along with the other Americans you sold out today.  You are a filthy disgrace and a very sold out individual, I wonder which companies will be adding hundreds of thousands of dollars to your reelection campaign today.  Liberal, Statist, Marxist Socialist, they all apply to you.  Sir you are disgraceful and your letter is utter B.S.  As I can see the people of VA-11 elected a fraud. 

As you can tell I am angry, I am angry because this monstrosity was passed under the unsuspecting eye of the American people and I am angry because the American people are ignorant to the reign of hell that is coming.  Do you know what my fellow Americans, I TOLD YOU SO! Forgive me, for now I must go break and yell at things within in my house, for I fear they are the only things that will listen to me.


DTOM, BTW, Have at this diary as a venting area if necessary, because I needed to talk to someone tonight.

Further information needs to be discussed for those of you in the state of Virginia. We need to go after the Virginia Senators right away. Virginia is a Redstate, regardless of the 2008 vote. Too many people in Virginia were fooled by Obama and too many VA-11 district voters decided that the Republican that represented them was less conservative than Gerry Connolly, yeah right. Anyway here is the contact information for the following Senators:

Jim Webb, he should vote against this the Senate Version of this bill
Danville 308 Craghead Street Suite 102A Danville, VA 24541 Phone: 434-792-0976 Fax: 434-972-0960

Hampton Roads 222 Central Park Ave. Suite 120 Virginia Beach, VA 23462 Phone: 757-518-1674 Fax: 757-518-1679

NOVA: 1501 Lee Highway Suite 130, Arlington, VA. 22209 Phone:703-807-0581, Fax:703-807-5198

Richmond 507 East Franklin Street, Richmond, VA 23219 Phone: 804-771-2221 Fax: 804-771-8313

Roanoke 3140 Chaparral Drive Building C, Suite 101 Roanoke, VA 24018 Phone: 540-772-4236 Fax: 540-772-6870

Washington, D.C. 248 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 Phone: 202-224-4024 Fax: 202-228-6363

Toll Free Number 1-866-507-1570

Mark Warner identified himself during his campaign for Governor of Virginia as a “fiscal” conservative.  Well, Mr. Fiscal Conservative I will make sure to remind you that this was the moniker you chose now act like one and vote against this bill or any other iteration in the Senate if you do really care about the fiscal situation of Virginia.

Washington DC: 459A Russell Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 Phone: 202-224-2023 Fax: 202-224-6295 

Richmond VA: 5309 Commonwealth Centre Parkway Suite 401 Midlothian, VA 23112 Phone: 804-739-0247 Fax: 804-739-3478

Roanoke VA: 129B Salem Avenue, SW Roanoke, VA 24011 Phone: 540-857-2676 Fax: 540-857-2800 

Abingdon VA: 180 West Main Street Abingdon, Virginia 24210 Phone: 276-628-8158 Fax: 276-628-1036 

We know now that it is not to early to start getting your family and friends on the lines calling the Senators of Virginia or your home state to make sure they understand the growing opposition to this bill long before the U.S. Senate contemplates ever voting on it.  We sincerely do not want to call the offices to hear that they are undecided or leaning “yes”, that is unacceptable especially if they had plenty of time to read it.