Obama's Socialist Symphony of Destruction...

As some of you may have noticed, I have added a signature line to all of my comments. For those of you that are in the know, it is from the heavy metal group Megadeth. Now you know, in my former younger life I was into this type of music. Included in my musical tastes are Led Zeppelin, Who, Megadeth, Metallica, GnR, and about anything from the genre of classic rock ’65-’94. Many of you around here may think that hard rock and heavy metal from ’80-’94 is not classic rock, but what the kids are listening to these days that is classic rock. If I do recall correctly, Jethro Tull won a Grammy award for the Heavy Metal genre. So, Jethro Tull, Heavy Metal? Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

Why am I putting this awful diary together and possibly angering some on the list for kicking their beautifully written diaries into the great abyss of the search engine, because I found what I believe is a favorite song of mine mixed with photographs that sort of brings me back to the Wall. I hope you enjoy it, I did not do this video, but it is rather awesome for someone that wanted to put something together like that.

BTW, if you are averse to Heavy Metal please do not watch the following video; however, for all to know the lead singer is now a born again Christian and a huge supporter of Israel.

Lastly, you can tarnish my diary as needed consider this an OPEN THREAD, If I am even allowed to do this. So here is your chance to just download your thoughts for the day. I figured it would give 6eorge Jetson and $pecialist, BTW what happened to him) a place to show off their awesome photoshop work.

Now on with some more observations of the day and Obama’s socialist symphony of destruction… As much as I would love to pin all of this legislation squarely at the feet of the Zero, I can not. Zero can only accomplish as much as his statist colleagues in the Congress will allow him. Now what I know from practical experience is that rushing things does more harm than good. The thought that a bill such as H.R. 2454 could be brought up for a vote by Friday should be a warning sign by itself as a bad idea. This document is over 1000 pages and I have not even been able to comprehend it all in the amount of time I have had to look it over. That said, if I have had little time to digest the material, I can safely assume the American people have absolutely no idea what this bill means to them. The bill does start off rather nicely with the happy, hopey and changey language which should be an exclamation point for Danger, written by a Democrat.

Lastly, what really “churns my butter” (for you literal trolls out there this is an expression I am not made of butter) is the fact that within this bill is the allowance or issuance of vouchers for trading in your inefficient used vehicle. Now, what struck me instantly was we were going to give vouchers to upwards of $5000.00 for the so called trade in of your clunker. Remember, vouchers for your old used car but no voucher for your children to go to the school of your choice. Fantastic, I see we have our priorities in order. Screw your kids education, we are reducing 1 ppm of CO2 over the next 10 years, Whoop-eeee! Slimeball thy name is Democrats.