Et Tout Le Monde: Nothing more irritating

being stuck without an “Open Thread” that is just “Open” so that someone can vent about what it is that is bothering them.  Most of the time for me, it is about some of the swingers-by that come by just to cause trouble. So for all, use this blog as an “Open Thread” to download your stray thoughts, outbursts and irritations.

I do not think I have ever really had an argument with a Conservative on this website, more like discussions; however, I find myself stuck blabbering to some drive-by just looking to cause trouble.  One night it was Warkarma; another night it was some chick that called me “daft”; now, it is a Global Warming Enthusiast that has not posted on Redstate for at least a month or so. 

The problem is, why do I argue with these people in the comment section?  Maybe, I think, I have to find a way to prove these “morons” (keep in mind these people aren’t morons, just a different view) wrong, or I just need to play their game.  Either way, my advice to everyone is the following, do not argue with these people because most of the time they only want to drag you down, tick you off, or get you to say something that you will regret.  I further advise to all the new readers around here, save your strength for people you have seen around on a regular basis. 

Why?  Because those usernames that are recognizable from your reading of the comments section or the diaries themselves usually have given you a context of their mindset, thought process or political leanings.  It is like getting to know one another; therefore, when it comes time for an argument with them you will display considerable respect for the person. 

Why? because it is easier to argue respectfully with someone that you share common ground with.  What is unusual about myself is that I find myself still arguing with those people who I have nothing in common with.  That is almost every position they have is antithetical to my own, and I will never change their mind no matter what I say or do.  Of course, the same can be said in the reverse; however, those individuals who I know and have a read on, usually stand a chance of convincing me of something missing in my logic or reasoning.  Of course, again, the same can be said in reverse.

So, for all of you out there reading this that have found themselves in an argument with me that has turned sour, I apologize, I do not know you very well and I most likely read you all long. We probably would get along in real life, there is no doubt about it.

Lastly, as I step down from the soap box, I have to say that many people make spelling errors in the comments section and sometimes miss words resulting in bad grammar; therefore, if you can understand the point the person is trying to make, ignore the spelling and grammar. It is thought that counts; even Physicists need their Maxwell (mathematician). If not, just ask for clarification. Do not strike out quickly at peoples’ thoughts in the comments’ section because many people find that their fingers do not keep up with the speed of their brain. Without error check or Ctrl+z, we are left with the error for all the world to see. So lighten up a little bit, we know we misspelled something or got the grammar wrong, and we are embarrased (misspelled on purpose) about it. Do not rake us over the coals for it.
“The Little Man From the Draft Board” “Draftee Daffey” 1945