Where are all the new Conservative Bloggers

I am awe inspired by the many people on RedState that can find the time to write their diaries. My hat’s off to each and everyone of you that can read all of the headlines and dig deep into the story to find the details that the MSM misses or fails to highlight. I am also very impressed by the level of detail that some of the posters at RedState get into.

I have tried many times to write a diary entry that would be well thought out, detailed and researched and found myself running out of time and leaving it for another day only to find that another day has come and gone and new ideas have caught my attention.

That has led me to this point that I felt I would discuss. I spend many of my days and nights working on systems engineering documentation for the many programs that I am currently working on. My God, family, country, work, and sanity are my priorities in order right now in my life; however, my interest in getting my ideas and concerns in regards to the current U.S. political discourse are of ever increasing priority since the election of 2008, yet I am still at a loss for time to produce diaries worth reading or even getting to the front page. So am I alone here?

I have no children right now, but I want many. I want to be able to father a new generation of Conservatives steeped in the values that I hold dear, and give them the information to make it in this country like I have. Unfortunatly, for people like me, we find ourselves caught in the minute details of family, faith, mental health and career that our conservative and civics knowledge go unshared with those that I interact with on a daily basis or with those looking to learn by visiting this site. Again, is this a reason why the internet blogosphere is run by the liberals and not by conservatives? I certainly find it hard to spend time producing some of the diaries that I would like to create. Again, I always seem to be engaging in all of those other priorities listed above. Is this why the conservatives are not as prominent on the internet as their liberal counterparts are? When things get bad is that the only time you will here more from us vociferously challenged conservatives?

Many times I will pick up Physics/Engineering Journals or Textbooks to further my knowledge of my field of study rather than write on the politics of the day, but that is what many of my conservative colleagues do as well. I can only provide reassurance that when you start seeing more people like me enter the blogosphere, we have entered because our career can no longer take priority over the direction of the country. I just hope it will not be too late.

Lastly, to let everyone know and be reassured, there are many intelligent conservative thinkers out there who share your principles and can prove everyone of them to an extent that is almost air-tight to a logical thinker (except things relating to faith); however, many of us will hand snippets of information in the little time we have to do so. So please do not crush us with harsh critiques because our diary is short, because many of us want to contribute without hijacking a thread, and remember we have much to add.