The Blue State Cancer

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As ideas come to me on how to illustrate and define the process of the infection liberalism I will continue to augment this document.

Liberalism is a mindset and it has a pathology. It is moved by people unwilling to part with the ideology and carry it like a disease. Liberalism always follows prosperity like a flock of locusts, ravaging the land as it progresses. Unfortunately, as liberalism moves it leaves in its wake a society reliant on Government and unwilling to break the chains of dependence. Thus the reason for a cure rather than haulting the conditions progression is paramount.

Liberalism is the mentality of the ideal. If the ideal fails, then the blame must fall upon something other than theory of liberalism. Projection is another tool of the liberal mindset, blame the Conservatives for the ravaging of land and resources, while what is left behind by the liberals is nothing short of that which it projects.

For about two weeks now, I have been wanting to start a discussion of what I see as a systematic progression of blue state mindset creaping into my homestate of Virginia. This invasion seems to stem from an increase in transients due to the housing boom experienced by Virginia over the last 8 years. The transients that I meet are mostly from large cities, mainly New England. Given the large influx of out-of-staters into Virginia from New England made me wonder 4 years ago. Was Virginia destined to become a smoldering urban wilderness, ravaged like so many states that enjoyed profound past prosperity? If Virginia keeps acquiring Yankees will we start voting for Democrats and Liberals?

Well it is four years later and my fear has been founded. It is my belief that we need to illustrate this process of the blue state mindset influx into the red state prosperity.

To further elevate my passion, as I sat today and watched as my property taxes were raised last year 30% and 16% this year and I am furious. When did Virginia start taxing like a drunken democrat from New England? Something happened, but what? Blue State Cancer

Largitorosis Carcinoma
For many years now, I have been watching the blue on the electoral maps slowly creep from the border-states and coastal-states inland towards the core or heart of the United States. Since many have speculated that the reason for this encroachment is due to the enlightenment of the masses, I would argue this is a systematic malignant invasion of a liberalism tumor. Due to the nature and pathology of this vociferous and invasive growth, I have decided to term the condition as largitorosis carcinoma or as it is more commonly known the Blue State Cancer (BLC).

Root Cause and Background
BLC usually begins by forming within areas with high concentrations of people or cells. For a period of time, BLC was confined to these highly populated areas known as cities due to generations of independent, patriotic, reverent and industrious individuals who were capable of providing for themselves through hard work, prayer, honor and the limitation of Government.

Many 1st generation and legacy Americans enjoyed the opportunities and learned to appreciate everything they had as citizens of the United States. For generations, apathy was in short supply and patriotic fervor was rampant in those areas outside of cities. The individualistic spirit of 1st generation and the legacy Americans were fostered by the realization that they can do for themselves what they knew a Government could never provide. That was freedom, prosperity, and opportunity, the one known effective cure for BLC. Unfortunately, freedom is in short supply due to the U.S. Government’s willingness to protect it.

To the “Greatest” generation of Americans and older, there was no such thing as the “cannot do” American spirit; no, theirs was a “can do” spirit. In lockstep with history, the years progressed, prosperity flourished and the children of these older generations became sour, apathetic, spoiled and expectant.

While these children enjoyed all of the provisions of their parents, they rebelled and developed a mindset uncommon to that of their independent parents. Many of these rebellious children flocked to cities. The purpose of their migration was to surround themselves with people of a like mind or enlightenment so to say. When the offspring of these prosperous parents moved to the cities they witnessed a perceived inequity. Their mindset, faith (limited understanding of Christianity) and their perception of inequity between them and their urban counterparts led to a fundamental misunderstanding. This misundertanding was facilitated by a correlation of their family’s prosperity against their urban counterparts. Under the bountiful provisions of their parents, these children began to equate their parents bounty with an equal amount of destitution and squalor seen in their urban counterparts.

The following are possible reasons for the intense sense of guilt in these generations: In an urban area the poor are closer and thus the guilt is more pronounce. While charity could not support the enormous demand of the services, the children slowly began to realize that the only way to support these poor was to generate a source of public revenue. As common in the course of history and in contrast to their nations history, the source of public revenue is found in the form of taxation.

The following is an example of the festering of failed ideas spawned from unrealistic sense of idealism: Urban areas confine people in close proximity, thus demanding a ready acceptance of difference amongst individuals, and the coagulation and coalescence of individuals with like interests in to cliques.

Prognosis and Cures
BLC is called the “creeping socialism” in the more patriotic areas of the United States such as Oklahoma. Perplexingly, Oklahoma as a state has been immune to the creeping socialism as it is called. Some analysts suspect that a cure might be found if we study the methodologies and mechanisms that have prevented the tumors invasion into the state of Oklahoma; however, this observer believes that by the time BLC reaches the state of Oklahoma which can now be considered the Heart of the United States, the disease will have completely overwhelmed the Immune System. The Immune System represents the America’s Midwestern and Southern States. The Immune System is currently holding but signs of an aggressive intrusion of BLC into the Lymphatic System represented by Virginia and North Carolina has been seen.

Currently BLC has taken a firm hold of America’s Endocrine System represented by West Coast and the Digestive System represented by New England. These two systems have been completely overwhelmed and are in critical condition. There appears to be no real way to stop the spread of BLC further by concentrating on the systems due to the nature and pathology of the cancer. These two systems have been ravaged and left to waste as the tumor spreads to more healthy areas.

Systems of the United States that appear to be withstanding intrusion of BLC are the Circulatory System represented by Texas and Alaska and the Respiratory System represented by the Upper Midwest States such as Montana, Idaho, North Dakota and South Dakota and Wyoming.

A carcinoma pattern has mysteriously developed over the last three elections that many of my Conservative peers may have noticed

Many would argue that the identity of the United States is manifested solely in the cities of the New England and West Coast