SyFy Serves Up Leftist Propaganda To Our Kids

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were family friends of the historian and communist party member, Howard Zinn. They’ve peppered their films with references to Zinn’s work and ideas, and in some cases (e.g., Elysium) the cap came off the pepper shaker. But perhaps the most heavy handed anti-capitalist propaganda yet is the new science fiction series “Incorporated”, appearing on the SyFy Channel. Affleck and Damon are both executive producers.

The series lays it on thick, making sure that teenage sci-fi fans won’t miss the message. There’s a political lesson every five minutes: people don’t know what “tip of the iceberg” means because global warming had long since melted the sea ice, gangsters are rich enough to eat a tomato, executives are caught watching “food porn”. Corporations rule the planet, and their executives live in comfortable suburban homes, fenced off from vast ghettos and climate-refugee camps. The culture is vicious and terrifying, like Orwell’s 1984 (but 1984 was about English Socialism, “Insoc”). The overwhelming message of “Incorporated” is that capitalism equals slavery, eco-disaster, and injustice.

What a pity that none of these limousine liberals in Hollywood would ever make a movie about what has actually created dystopia: socialism. The great humanitarian calamities in recent history have been caused by ideological movements like communism, national socialism, and radical Islam, all of which believe that humanity can be perfected by authoritarian society.

Unfortunately, young people have no idea of the true history of communism. And this is largely the fault of conservatives who have not made an effort — not comparable to the far left’s effort — to promote their ideas in academia and mass media. Our universities have become madrasa of cultural Marxism, and that is rapidly spreading into K-12 education as indoctrinated teachers carry the message. Shows like “Incorporated” add to this problem by propagandizing children with a melodramatic and ugly caricature of American society and its economic freedom and productivity.

The only place where a successful conservative message seems to have taken root, and with no help from the Republican party establishment, as been on social media and the internet. We’re lucky that we have a new administration with some highly placed followers of David Horowitz, folks like Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon, who actually get this problem. But mass media still has a powerful influence, and it’s hard to imagine anyone making a science fiction series that warns young people about the violent and dehumanizing consequences of class warfare and identity politics. No one teaches how a political mass movement forms and poisons a society. History has proven that is a much greater danger to humanity than any corporation or billionaire has ever been.