Will Google and Facebook Blacklists redstate.com?

We cannot permit social media corporations from becoming the gate keepers of political free speech. Not after the Left has taken over main stream news media, academia and Hollywood. We cannot permit this continuing “long march through the institutions” that the far Left boasts about.

A few days ago, Google and Facebook announced they will take steps to block advertising on “fake news” websites. Stories on NY Times and Reuters and other sites have immediately tied this to the election, claiming that Trump won via false information spreading on social media (as if there was no false information coming from liberals).

Although Google and Facebook have NOT announced their offical blacklist, the media has been praising a list of “fake news” sites drawn up by Professor Melissa Zimdars, at Merrimack College.


This list includes conservatives websites such as redstate, dailywire, the blaze, lew rockwell, and infowars (OK, I think Alex Jones is kind of nutty, but it is political speech).

Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire posted an article about this today. Of course, there is a LOT of false information about politics, but only a zealot would think that is only coming from the Right and not from the Left as well. It cannot be left up to Facebook, Google/YouTube and Twitter to judge what we see or which speech can make money from advertising.

Google has been attacking political speech for some time now by demonetizing videos they deem “controversial”. Attacking the revenue of unwanted speech seems to be the tactic of Google and Facebook, while Twitter openly purges the accounts of right-wing activists (most famously, Milo Yianopoulis).