The Glaring Double Standard of Campus Bigotry

The medias narrative has long been that white people like to get together and fantasize about lynching black people.  The boys and girls of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Oklahoma State University have certainly fed that narrative with this video.

Nasty stuff.  Greek Life in college never really had a reputation for being politically correct but this is beyond the pale.  The punishment was swift and in my opinion appropriate.  SAE’s charter has been revoked at OU, they’ve been chased off campus and the entire fraternity and all its members will have to face the lifetime stigma of being associated with an organization that at one time embraced such a racist, hateful chant. Two of the chanters have been expelled. Soon to follow will be candlelit vigils, sensitivity training and quite possibly an Al Sharpton visit and the violence that is inherent to it all of which will be breathlessly endorsed by the media and Democrats ..

But wait a minute…..  If the goal is to eliminate ‘Hate Speech’ by a persons or groups associated with colleges and universities I believe there are bigger fish to fry than a busload of clowns in Oklahoma..  How about institutionalized hatred and anti Semitism that has been going on among students and professors a like at institutions across the country..