Grant Lally AKA 'ScozzofavaRedux' attempted to raise campaign funds from a Fabricated Endorsement

The pride of the RINO GOP establishment, Grant Lally, had a very eventful week when it came prominent GOP endorsements.  First the real one.  John McCain, who apparently is still fond of Lally from his days as an illegal alien rabble rouser, officially endorsed Grant Lally Tuesday.

Nothing screams RINO like touting the endorsement of a Pro Open Borders, Anti Free Speech, Global Warming zealot, 30 year entrenched Senator who will be facing a serious GOP Primary opposition of his own in 2016.  I’m sure the McCain endorsement was celebrated in the Country Clubs however.

But the bigger news of last week was this endorsement, that Grant Lally did not receive:



For those who aren’t from Long Island ,Ed Mangano is the very popular conservative Nassau County Executive who is no stranger to being the victim of  a RINO BackStabbing. He was first elected in a squeaker in 2009, and was reelected in a landslide in 2013.  Lally posted this tweet, a similar post to his Facebook and website and promptly sent out this fundraising email;

“I am Proud to Endorse Grant Lally for Congress, and urge all Republicans to get out and vote for Grant in the June 24th Primary”  #ThingsEdManganoNeverSaid

Nope Ed Mangano did not make that statement or endorsement and according to Newsday, he did not have any plans to.

When asked to confirm the endorsement Wednesday afternoon, a spokesman for Ed Mangano said: “I am unaware of the endorsement.”

Following the revelation that his campaign had been caught fabricating the endorsement of a very influential public figure, all references to the Ed Mangano Endorsement were taken down from their respective platforms.  However there is a bigger problem for Lally than just being tagged as unethical by the GOP primary voters of NY CD-3.  You see, Lally’s fundraising email attempted to solicit money based on this fabricated endorsement and that my friends appears to be against the law.  This problem carries with it a potential 5 year vacation at Club Fed….

§ 110.16 Prohibitions on fraudulent misrepresentations.

(a) In general. No person who is a candidate for Federal office or an employee or agent of such a candidate shall—
(1) Fraudulently misrepresent the person as speaking, writing, or otherwise acting for or on behalf of any candidate or political party or employee or agent thereof for the purpose of soliciting contributions or donations;
This isn’t the first time Lally has had a run in with the FEC. In fact, Grant Lally paid one of the largest FEC fines on record for attempting to conceal illegal campaign contributions. From the AP;

In one instance, Lawrence Lally gave $116,000 to his son for his campaign and recorded the transaction as a real-estate sale. Lally received another $18,000 from his father, contending it was for the purchase of his Corvette.  In signing the agreement, Lally acknowledged the “knowing and willful nature of these violations.”

Shady, Shady, Shady. Flagrant violation of Federal Election Law is nothing new to this RINO. Grant Lally and his parents paid a $280,000 settlement to the FEC for this 90’s ‘American Hustle’.  Now like a RINO Lemon trying to make Lemonade, Lally is playing the victim card regarding his participation in this 1996 fraudulent scheme  by blaming a then unknown Lois Lerner who was an FEC lawyer.

Sorry counselor,  the law in this case was perfectly moral and you egregiously violated it. It makes no difference that a Leftist like Lois Lerner was charge at the time and you know it.

And oh yeah,  you’d better call @MichelleMalkin again and explain how she was ‘snookered’ because this tweet has yet to be deleted…..