Illegal Alien advocate Grant Lally is trying to 'snooker' the GOP primary voters of NY CD-3 #Primaries Matter


The king of the amnesty RINOs John McCain, who lied to AZ GOP primary voters in 2010 regarding his Open Borders and Amnesty position has officially endorsed Grant Lally, who is lying to GOP primary voters  in NY in 2014 about his radical illegal alien lobbying group.  La Raza and ACORN haven’t endorsed Grant Lally yet, but there’s still time the as the NY GOP primary is June 24th.

“When immigration reform passes I will make sure it is forever called the Edward M Kennedy immigration bill”  –Amnesty supporter Senator John McCain


In my last diary post,  I explained in detail that the former president of an illegal alien lobbying group has been endorsed by the GOP establishment in New York.  Then all Hell broke loose Monday afternoon when Michelle Malkin tweeted this regarding Grant Lally…..


  Haha.  It’s a known fact that nothing that will make a RINOs head explode faster than to be called ‘Scozzafava Redux’ by Michelle Malkin. In full  damage control mode, Grant Lally went back to the old RINO playbook of bashing conservatives and more specifically the military service of his conservative opponent, combat veteran  Stephen Labate.   LTC Stephen Labate served his congressional district on a board of military officers and educators screening high school students wishing to apply to our nations Military Academies.  This was an unpaid, non partisan position and Lally desperately  tries to spin it as if he worked for Steve Israel.  Pathetic.

Now the story gets really interesting. On Wednesday night there was a candidate forum in the Queens county portion of NY CD3.  Grant Lally was asked a question regarding the Michelle Malkin tweet and said this;

Folks, this is a very deceitful man and someone who shouldn’t be running for congress at all, let alone on the GOP line.  Lets go over the lies  one by one;

  1. I am not paid by any campaign and I have been exposing RINOs and phony conservatives in Long Island for decades.
  2. There was absolutely nothing false or smearing  in my previous post and every radical association and quote of Grant Lallys ILIR is linked to a media reference that  praises the ILIR’s lobbying effort for the McCain/Kennedy Amnesty bill of 2007.  Futhermore, the moderators at RedState do not tolerate false or libelous diary posts and this one has garnered enough attention to be vetted.
  3. I really don’t feel that the person who wrote this feels any sympathy for an illegal alien advocate that is receiving bad press. @MichelleMalkin was not  ‘snookered’ nor is she ‘not happy about it’ . I don’t claim to speak for Michelle Malkin like Grant Lally does, however the facts clearly indicate this was a flat out lie.  Michelle Malkin has written extensively about Ethnic Front Groups and particularly the ILIR while Grant Lally was president  and she did in fact read my post.  Michelle Malkin has been a pioneer in the use of twitter to expose corrupt politicians and to rally conservatives against them and if she did fell ‘snookered’ in any way, she would have deleted this tweet.  Knowing Lally’s pretentious campaign, my guess is they sent Michelle Malkin some patronizing name dropping email that she promptly ignored.
  4. Grant Lally is intentionally misleading the GOP primary voters in the forum by implying that Michelle Malkin’s tweet was referring to his involvement in the Irish American Republicans which is completely unaffiliated with the  Leftist lobbying group the ILIR.  Lally then tries to distract and confuse  GOP primary voters by dropping no less than 8 big time Republican names in just over a minute.  It was in fact Grant Lallys ILIR and the Socialist wing of the Irish government that lobbied George W Bush, John McCain , Jeff Sessions, Jim Walsh  and Sam Brownback for amnesty in 2006-2007.  The Irish American Republicans had nothing to do with the ILIR and Grant Lally is attempting to deceive voters about his record.

“I am one of the few socialists left in Irish politics”
– former Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern who with ILIR president Grant Lally lobbied the United States government for amnesty in 2006-2007 

The bottom line is there is one conservative running is the GOP primary for NYCD3 and that is Stephen Labate.   Grant Lally’s group lobbied with the Socialist Leader of a foreign government against the interests of American citizens. Grant Lally is a political opportunist and a Washington DC insider and is certainly no conservative.

“The lobbyists, part of an effort organized by the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform (ILIR), were not petitioning their own government, of course. They were petitioning our government, using Irish government money to do it…” -Terry Jeffrey, Human Events March 10th 2006

The group of which Grant Lally was formally the president of, the ILIR, is currently lobbying the moderates in the GOP for a comprehensive immigration bill that will grant amnesty and eventual citizenship rights to illegal aliens without assimilating them into our society, and most importantly, will ensure that our borders remain unsecured for the foreseeable future.

A government that puts the needs of illegal aliens above U.S. veterans for political gain should be prosecuted for criminal neglect bordering on treason.
Michelle Malkin

I couldn’t agree more……