The Establishment GOP has endorsed an Open Borders Lobbyist over a Combat Vet in New York CD-3

The New York RINO GOP party bosses that brought us Dede Scozzafava, and who backstab GrassRoot conservatives at every junction, have totally outdone themselves this time. The time has never been more ripe to defeat the race baiting head of the DCCC and Congressman from New York’s 3rd Congressional District, Steve Israel.  And who do the party bosses choose to endorse?  A radical open borders, pro-amnesty lobbyist, Grant Lally.

Lally(far left) lobbying then Senator Hillary Clinton fo Amnesty in 2006

We all know too well that the Democrats and House GOP leadership are scheming to try and ram through amnesty and continue the abject anarchy on our open borders.  The American people and Republicans in particular,  reject amnesty and are outraged by the Federal Governments utter refusal to secure our borders. The DC establishment seems much more receptive to the wining and dining from phony illegal immigrant lobbying groups than the security of the American people.

Enter Grant Lally who is the GOP endorsed candidate for the 3rd congressional district of New York currently held by Democrat Steve Israel.  Now like all RINOS, Lally claims to be a conservative when around GOP voters. However  in addition to a laundry list of scandals and highly questionable ethics, Grant Lally was president of the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform(ILIR) from 2006-2007 and lobbied for the failed McCain/Kennedy  Amnesty bill.

Grant Lally and Ted Kennedy Pumping up the Crowd to Demand Amnesty
Grant Lally and Ted Kennedy Pumping up the Amnesty Crowd

The ILIR is one of many EthnicFrontGroups and other radical leftist organizations that fall under the umbrella of the Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform(CCIR), break down here.  CCIR is a George Soros funded effort to ensure the borders of the United States are not secure and that American Citizenship is diluted.  Some of the organizations that lobby for identical Soros approved legislation in concert with the ILIR include ACORN, La Raza, the Democratic Socialists of America and The Center for American Progress.

That creates an interesting paradigm ;  either Lally’s group lobbies for progressive Open Borders and amnesty legislation or the Center for American Progress lobbies for conservative border & immigration law enforcement legislation.  You make the call.

During a Grant Lally led illegal immigrant march on Washington DC in 2006 members of the ILIR lamented that the main obstacle standing in the way of amnesty was a “widespread belief among native-born Americans that illegal immigration was endangering their national security.”  

Apparently to feel our borders are a matter of National Security is xenophobic even after 9/11. Wow…….

Grant Lally fully understands the ramifications of such conduct and radical associations w/ GOP primary voters because there is not a single mention of his tenure as president of the ILIR on his campaign website.  As a matter of fact upon discovery of Lally’s radical connections on a posting on social media, the entire ILIR website was taken down and any mention of Grant Lally or his tenure as president of the ILIR was scrubbed. Or at least so they thought.

Heres a short list of Lally and the ILIRs greatest hits, but don’t wait to view them because Lally is lawsuit happy and I can see cease and desist orders going out;

That last bullet point sheds new light on this weird Nancy Pelosi comment, doesn’t it?

So the Establishment GOP managed to select a candidate who is on the ThinkProgress website lobbying for OpenBorders w/ Hillary Clinton .  I guess the boys just couldn’t find a Planned Parenthood franchisee to run on the GOP line in CD3. Or maybe there was some good ole nepotism involved in the decision.

lally on think progress
Think Progress Speaks Glowingly of Grant Lally’s ILIR

The notion that these Ethnic Front Groups represent all people of a certain heritage is absolutely absurd and racist. Ethnic Front Groups almost universally advocate for the positions of the hard left.  As an American of Irish descent, I for one am disgusted that some Ethnic Front Group lobbies these phony politicians for Open Borders and amnesty and claims to do so in my name.  The ILIR isn’t some Irish American heritage group, it is a hard Leftist lobbying organization.  By the way, before you fall into the trap believing that Grant Lally became the president of the ILIR because of some deep felt magnanimity for people from his ancestral homeland, think again.  It’s far more likely he chose illegal alien advocacy as his vocation because of the potential for a windfall $$$ of clients to his immigration law firm.

Lt Col Stephen A Labate

Now heres the kicker.  There is another GOP candidate running in this race and that would be Lt Col Stephen Labate .  Labate is an Iraq combat veteran, a financial planner and a Reagan Conservative.  Labate does not support Senate bill 744 or any variation of it, and supports a Borders First / Borders Now immigration policy .  Labate is widely supported by the GrassRoots, and while his is widely respected in Republican circles he’s not going to Washington to catch up w/ old friends.  Labate needs support to combat a barrage of baseless attacks from the RINO Lally whose pretentious campaign has claimed that Lt Col Labate lacks the ‘affluence’ to represent to people of NY CD-3.  Lallys operatives have also embarked on a snide campaign to offend Labate’s wife who is a Cuban political refugee and now an American citizen, and they even went so far as to equate Lt Col Labate with Fidel Castro and used his official military photo alongside that of Castro.

The New York GOP Primary election is June 24th.  The Leftist  Steve Israel is very vulnerable this cycle and will most assuredly vote for Amnesty as will Lally.  If OpenBorders advocate Grant Lally wins, it will send a message to Boehner and the establishment RINOs that they can defy the will  of the American People without consequence.   If Labate beats an OpenBorders establishment RINO, the GOP leadership is going to have a hard time making its members walk the plank.

This is a national news story and must get exposure because if the GrassRoots doesn’t wrestle the Republican Party back from these loathsome Establishment RINOs, the party is over……………….