Point by point response to Rep Steve Israels Op Ed on CNN.com

I had  a little fun breaking down DCCC chair Steve Israels Op Ed on CNN.com.  The Democrats are desperately trying to deflect blame for the disaster they’ve inflicted on the American people.

Stephen Labate is running for Israels seat (NY CD3) in 2014.  Labate is a 24 year Army Officer who served in Iraq, a solid conservative, and just an overall good guy. We need Patriots like him in congress. Fast.

Labates website is www.labateforcongress.com


GOP’s ‘playbook’ to deny Americans health care

By Steve Israel

GOP playbook on Obamacare sabotage


Right in the title he’s floating whats going to be the Democrats Propaganda.   Their little Orwellian spin is going to be that it’s Republicans who are destroying the health care system for political purposes.  You see, its the GOPs ‘sabotaging’ of Obamacare thats forcing people to lose their insurance.  So the human suffering that will ensue when major insurance companies start folding is really the GOPs fault.   These leftists are such liars and so slimy and sleazy, its no wonder they relate so well with Occupy Wall Street.  They are tribal and mob like and Godless.  They have no virtue.

(CNN) — New Yorkers have two ways of looking at a problem. You can ask, “What went wrong, and who do we blame?” or you can roll up your sleeves and ask, “What went wrong, and how do we fix it?”


Actually Steve, “What went Wrong” was that the a single Democrat Party controlled Congress rammed through an unworkable piece of power grabbing legislation against the will of the American People. “How we fix it” is by defeating Radical Democrats  like you in Congress.


If anyone in America had any question about which question congressional Republicans would ask, we now have an answer: House Republicans engineered a 17-page playbook detailing how to sabotage and repeal the Affordable Care Act so they can score political points. In this lengthy manual, however, Republicans didn’t offer a single idea for solutions, for helping constituents enroll in health care or understand their benefits. Rather, the entire handbook is a tactical guide to tearing down the law.

Republicans have no playbook to create jobs, they have no playbook to build infrastructure, they have no playbook to pass immigration reform, they have no playbook to pass a budget — and they have no playbook to propose a better health care system.

Their only playbook is to take us back to a system that didn’t work, that led hardworking people into bankruptcy and gave insurance companies unchecked power to deny care and drop coverage. Democrats, on the other hand, are going to relentlessly remind Americans that one party is willing to fix the Affordable Care Act and that one party — the Republican Party — wants to repeal the law and put insurance companies back in charge.

Because when Americans see Republicans in Congress sharing an anecdote or holding a hearing, they can know it is designed to do one thing: Take the country back to the dark days when our health care system didn’t work.


I really can’t believe the leaders of my beloved country push these Goebbels – like talking points.  Steve Israel used a tremendous amount of political capital with the specific goal of destroying health insurance companies.  Now, as peoples contracts are cancelled as a direct result of this law, he is blaming the entity that opposed his action.  Do you think that the Democrats actually believe this nonsense? Its just mind numbing.

And This is about as outrageous a statement as Ive ever read;


“(Republicans want to) take the country back to the dark days when our health care system didn’t work.”


Steve, are you making the argument that the health care system is working now with Obamacare?

Obamacare is a national embarrassment and an international punchline. Millions more people have LOST health coverage than have GAINED health coverage.  Israel is either so entrenched in Washington and the media that  he just can’t see reality, or he is such a malicious tyrant that he willingly inflicts pain on the people he purportedly represents.  It gets harder  and harder to believe the former.


As a Democrat who represents countless families who need the reforms from the Affordable Care Act, there’s no question in my mind that the problems that have emerged as the health care exchanges have rolled out need to be fixed, and soon, so that the act works for the American people. One thing is clear: We can’t go back to a broken system that doesn’t cover a woman because she had breast cancer or one in which a 24-year-old is kicked off his parents insurance.


Again Steve, YOU have knocked cancer patients off their insurance, and then the President claimed they were too stupid to appreciate what you did. And when parents lose their coverage because of what you’ve done, their kids lose coverage  too regardless of their age. Genius.


 When Speaker John Boehner and House Republicans feign concern over the problems with the law or the glitches with implementation, they have no credibility.

The law is already measurably helping Americans and the American economy. A report this week from the Council on Economic Advisers said that health care inflation is at the lowest rate in a generation and that health care spending has risen by the lowest rate of growth ever recorded, improvements brought about, in part, by the law. And this is to say nothing of the vital consumer protections the law has brought about.


CEA is a three member panel that work for the White House and serve at the Presidents pleasure.  It is also the same group of economic advisors that approved of the law before the President signed it.  A quick wiki of the 3 member panel (Jason Furman,James H. Stock and Betsey Stevenson)show they all have hard left roots and almost certainly would not give an objective criticism of a law named after President Obama.

And BTW Steve, I seem to the remember the President promising that not only won’t healthcare premiums rise but the average American family will save $2500 a year to jam the ACA home.  We never even hear that lie anymore, as the Ministry of Truth has erased it from history.


When the dust clears, the American people will see one basic principle: Democrats are striving to improve the law, and Republicans are striving to sabotage it, rooting for failure and refusing to offer any ideas of their own about how to improve the system.


Yes Steve, you’ve got us.  We root for the failure of Marxism . We rooted against the USSR .  We root against Cuba and North Korea.  Not against the people who were or are currently being tormented by these regimes, mind you, but we root against the regimes themselves. And we root against the Democrats and their laws because you share that destructive Marxist mind set.  You know this, which is why you and your pals OWS praise centralized healthcare systems. You don’t  admit to being a Marxist because the voters of your Long Island district would run you out of office. This time you’re gonna be chased anyway.


To your second point I have an idea so that more people will have access to the health insurance system ;

How about the Federal Government stop taking private policies  away from people….?

50 -100M people risk losing their health insurance when the employer mandate goes into effect. This will have untold ramifications on the nations healthcare delivery systems. I am sure the Democrats will dictate some stopgap fix to try and weasel past the 2014 midterms, and the Republicans may well go along with it, but its only a matter of time before the Obamacare Hits the Fan.


The debate over health care is a microcosm of the broader debate between Democrats and Republicans about the big issues facing our country, whether it’s ending the Medicare guarantee or making sure corporations pay their fair share. In the coming months, we’ll see the divide between the parties on full display, as Republicans yet again hurtle the country toward more shutdown showdowns and fiscal brinksmanship this winter.


Steve, there is no Medicare guarantee.  Yes I realize you’re probably talking about Medigap protections in your own sloppy way, but the Democrats don’t personally guarantee any part of Medicare. Or Social Security.  In fact, the fiscal operations of these entities would subject many in Congress to a Felony Indictment if private sector laws were applied.

These programs are crumbling. They are fundamentally unsound. I know this because I’ve read the actuarial reports from the Presidents own appointees.


Make no mistake: As Republicans show that their priority is to protect special interests, destroy the Affordable Care Act and side with insurance companies, Democrats will stand on the side of hardworking families. House Democrats will continue to work to offer commonsense solutions to the American people so that health care works, middle-class families can get ahead and the dysfunction in Washington stops jeopardizing the prosperity of this great nation.


So let’s finish up .
I hate to be a stickler here but you are a member of Democrat House Leadership and claim to be literate. You wrote ‘Republicans show that their priority is...’ and go on to list a bunch of distinctive  lame Marxist platitudes.  There are three ‘priorities’ stated in  the statement in question. The plural of ‘priority’ is ‘priorities’ and subsequently the verb changes from ‘is’ to ‘are’.  What you wanted to say is ‘Republicans show their priorities are…’  When you write such an imperious Op Ed  like this one you look especially silly when you make elementary grammatical errors.
Steve Israel is such a Goofball that he either didn’t proofread his own  Op Ed to CNN.com or he didn’t write it at all. And this is when the Democrats are embroiled in multiple scandals and PR nightmares. And he’s in leadership. Goofball.
Every member of the Democratic house leadership; Pelosi, Hoyer, Clyburn, Van Holland, Israel…..  it’s the stupidest of the stupid.  A total Freak Show.  Every word these people speak is either some dim witted Marxist rhetoric or other such mindless gibberish.  I would barely be able to keep a straight face if I had to deal with them in congress.  And yet it’s these very people that so desperately want to control our lives.
  I don’t  see ‘health care’ working Steve, and what the Country is experiencing with Obamacare is anything but ‘commonsense’.
Lastly, it is not the ‘dysfunction’ in Washington that is jeopardizing Americas Prosperity.  Obamacare is a function of Washington, albeit an illegitimate one, and that  is the main threat jeopardizing this Nation and we have Steve Israel to thank for it.  The voters of NY CD-3 will show their gratitude on November 4th, 2014.