Debunking the "Republican Sabotage" Myth

As predictable as they are insane,  Democrats witnessing the havoc they inflicted on millions of Americans lives are taking the position that , if not for the existence of Republicans, the Obamacare Meltdown (i.e. Rollout) would have went of Hunky Dory.

The First crackpot argument is that a group of unknown Republicans setup countless anonymous software bots that crashed the healthcare.gov server, and apparently caused abysmal performance in the state exchanges as well, succinctly illustrated by the mayor of the war zone known as Elizabeth, NJ.

This debunk is rather self evident. If malicious software bots could take down a high trafficked e commerce website, we would cease to have e commerce websites.  Asking a liberal to learn from past experience is like asking your dog to meow, but healthcare.gov isn’t the first website ever built. Its stated objectives are not that difficult to achieve. Defending against internet pests shouldn’t have been an afterthought.

The second more plausible but equally as silly an argument is that state governors who opted out of Medicaid expansion, and therefore were not required to set up state insurance exchanges , caused such an undue burden on the healthcare.gov system that it crashed.  I’d bet this is the argument thats coming down from the little Svengalis at the White House.

Now I know economics is another science that is beneath the dignity of a liberal, but I have to interject a little Econ 101.  Markets don’t create demand,  demand creates markets.  Anyone who has ever bought     known someone who’s bought   heard of someone who’s bought a bag of weed knows that this market has existed their entire lives, despite stiff government imposed consequences on those who enter the market because there is a constant demand for the product.  Compare that to Solyndra, the Chevy Volt, carbon offsets or any one of a thousand markets that failed even with seemingly endless government money and support because there was insufficient demand for the product.

The squawking parrots of the left who repeat the Republican Governors argument miss the entire point of the opposition to Obamacare.  If the was a market for the product of Obamacare, the GOP Governors who wisely resisted couldn’t stop a marketplace from forming if they tried. And if that were the case, the markets would be consumer friendly to a point the bureaucrats running this debacle couldn’t even comprehend.

The other point that is missed by the squawkers is that they made the law. The GOP Governors were simply complying with it.  Yes , I know,  SCOTUS was involved with allowing the states to opt out of Medicaid Expansion. But to adapt a line from the Good Book,  live by the activist judge, die by the activist judge.

It’s really painful watching these people squirm and try stay on offense watching this web of lies unfold. The real irony is you would think the liberals would like this chaos.  After all, watching the Obamacare rollout is like watching a great big abortion…..