'Small Business will Drop Employees Health Coverage in Droves' says Howard Dean on The Ed Show 6/28/2012

Its time to go to the mattresses folks.

As hard as it is to swallow, the last week has brought me to the conclusion that we are a truly post-Constitutional republic.  Two years ago,  our jaws hit the floor as temporary politicians , many of whom were not elected, some of whom arrived in office under highly questionable circumstances,  sought to pass and implement a massive expansion a governmental power.

They did so literally in the middle of the night,  operating like the generational thieves that they are…

Yesterday we found out that the Firewalls in our cherished Constitution, those shackles on politicians that protect the citizens  from the inevitable corrupting nature of political power ,  have been breached  yet again…


The institutionalizing of a massive new administrative state brought about through deception of the American people by a congress that was run out of town as soon as our citizens could get to the ballot box is apparently in line with our Founding Principles,  right Chief ??

The lies and the misrepresentation of the Left were to a certain extent exposed and documented in the Majority decision, but again,  a rouge out of control congress that lied and deceived to ramrod through Statist legislation is in line with First Principles because , after all , congress has the power to tax… even when the lowlife politicians brazenly lie and say “This is not a Tax..

Right, Chief ??


Which brings me to Howard Dean, who in a world of left wing liars and frauds, is actually refreshingly honest at times to the chagrin of his fellow Democrats and President Obama, who just cannot tell the truth.

This MSLSD Ed Show clip shows  how the Leftists cannot get their stories straight even now


Relevant sections at about 1:05  (Obama) and 12:15 (Dean ) , the rest is just more mindless Leftist gibberish…

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If your one of the 250 million Americans who already  have health insurance, you will keep your health insurance..

-President Obama June 28


The Democrats don’t like me to say this, but it is true that small businesses in droves are going to put people out of thier own insurance and into the exchanges…

-Former DNC Chair Howard Dean June 28



Governor Romney, as first act as a dedicated volunteer and Precinct Captain,  I give you an extremly effective campaign ad , complements of our favorite leftist Super Hero, Dr Demento Dean and a President who is sadly just a serial liar..

Obama and the whole leftist lot of these people, must be defeated and defeated soundly……..