Yes we know he wasn't born in Kenya, but that's not the Point.....

I’ve never been a believer in conspiracy theories because they all involve a basic impossibility of human nature;  many different strangers keeping each others secrets.

So the whole birther thing never resonated with me in the slightest.  Even if the  theory we true, it didn’t  affect Obamas eligibility to be President.

But the news today is telling of Obamas character in the same  Elizabeth Warrens insistence the she is of Native American heritage against all evidence is telling about her character.

You see, one thing all liberals have in common it utter contempt for American culture and Founding Principles.  It is a badge of honor for  a liberal to be disassociated with American culture.  This is the reason why Elizebeth Warren continues to make a fool of herself and Barack Obama allowed an obvious intentional error in his biography to go unchanged for 16 years.

When was the last time you saw a movie that showed  American culture to be morally equivalent ( let alone superior) to an indigenous culture ?  Probably never ..   Americans are all too often  perceived to be hateful and racist and slave owning monsters who destroy the homes of peace loving , community oriented indiguenous people .

This is the Reality of America to the Leftist.

Lost on them is the fact the we are  the only society in history to fight a bloody war to free it’s own people from bondage ,  at the cost of over 600000 lives .  Or the fact that people have risked their lives and their fortunes to immigrate here from all parts of the world , have done so since Americas inception , and continue to do so.

This is the Nation that Obama and Warren will go to any length to disassociate themselves with…..   Pathetic….

Isn’t it amazing that Obama didn’t notice this gaffe for 16 years   .. ? And coincidentally it was  noticed when it could have encumbered his Presidential Aspirations …?   Baloney………

BTW, Fauxcahontas , you don’t need to change your smoke signals on the whole Cherokee thing if you want to run for Chief   I mean President in 2016 ..   Cherokees fell outside the Jurisdiction clause of the 14th Amendment upon its ratification, but were granted natural born status by the Snyder Act signed by President Coolidge in 1924.

Children of illegal aliens have never been granted natural born status ,  but that’s for another post…………