Why Trump has Billions and I Don't

For the past few weeks there have been all sorts of debates around ConservativeLand about the motives of Donald Trump and the Birther issue.

The Consensus has generally been the Trump was being entirely self serving, promoting a wacko conspiracy theory got Trump exposure, which was thought to be to  the detriment of the Republican Party.  This was also the prevailing theory behind the non stop media exposure the Birth Certificate debate was getting the past few weeks.  The media happily gave unlimited time to Trump in hopes of painting anyone opposed to the Presidents policies as being a wacko conspiracy theorist, and more to the point being against Obama the man instead of being  legitimate critics of his policies.

At least thats what I thought.

Trump was self serving, as we all are, but what he saw that most of us missed was the political opportunity that presented itself in incessantly hounding the President about his Birth Certificate….  It UNNERVED OBAMA….

Todays release of the birth certificate doesn’t come across as a powerful moment for Obama nor does it look like a smackdown of Trump.  Not that this makes Trump look Presidential mind you, Trump looks like the same goofy Game Show host he looked like yesterday. But today, by dutifully releasing his birth certificate in accordance with Trumps demands,  Obama looks like a contestant.

Trump successfully exposed the Paper Thin Skin of our Commander in Chief in a way that the media would otherwise not allow. So while I still think candidate Trump falls way short of the principles and credentials needed to be a successful Republican Presidential nominee,  I think he deserves credit for scoring  points  for the Republican field before that field even develops….