Classic DNC Platform : Republicans want to Force You to have a Rapists Baby or Something....

I just saw an Andrew Cuomo attack ad on Carl Palidino that had the classic Liberal Lament


Now at this point in time, the Governor of New York has little if any influence about Abortion laws in New York or anywhere else, and I’m pretty sure as Attorney General Cuomo knows that,  but the commercial runs anyway.

That attack on Republicans is  in ads everywhere this cycle, as if it’s some kind of Democrat selling point.

Hey, we may be Bankrupting the Country, but when you get RAPED and get PREGNANT us Democrats Got your Back!!

I’ve always found it such an odd fascination of  liberals,  the whole notion of getting impregnated through rape, it always seems to be at the forefront of any political discussion that you have with them.  Isn’t it weird that such a horrible circumstance isn’t a concern of any Conservative Women?

For instance, why doesn’t Sarah Palin worry about getting pregnant by a Rapist?  After all, Sarah Palin getting gang raped does seem to be a sick Fantasy of Liberals.

First off, any rapist dumb enough to attack Sarah Palin would have his genitalia promptly replaced by a .38 caliber slug  compliments of the Governor herself.  And the Rapists know it.   ( Liberal women take note;  thats why when you carry a firearm you don’t obsess about getting raped so much)

But aside from the fact the Sarah Palin is confident she can turn any rapist into the main ingredient in her Sunday Night Chili for the kids,  Sarah Palin also rests assured in this fact;  the Liberal ‘Abortion in the case of rape’ argument is a CANARD.  It’s a LIE.  It’s FAKE, PHONY, and just like every other Liberal Platform it’s MANIPULATIVE.

These Liberals are never called out on slinging this BS and it’s got to stop.

As soon as you hear ABORTION and RAPE in the same sentence, realize the the person speaking is virtually NEVER arguing in good faith.  The ‘Abortion in the case of Rape’ argument is almost always made by a liberal who is in favor of Abortion on DEMAND.

If you’re a Principled anti Abortion Conservative,( which is the only kind of Conservative BTW) you’re anti abortion regardless of the circumstance of the unborn child’s conception.

If However, you are Pro Life but not versed in the principles of your position, a pathos appeal to your emotions may cause you to doubt your position in an extraordinary circumstance, and ultimately doubt your position altogether.  This is the goal of the Leftist.

But Let’s take Andrew Cuomo’s position at face value.  Thats when the light is shined on just how Full of Crap these Liberals are.

Let’s assume that he considers himself to be this Great Shepard,  always looking out for the Abortion Rights of Rape Victims.

Here is an honest assessment of the proverbial ‘Rape Victim’ that every Liberal constantly claims to be a STAUNCH  defender of:

She MUST NOT have reported the Rape  to the POLICE because standard operating procedure in a Rape investigation is to get the victim medical treatment including EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTION


She MUST NOT have sought medical treatment ON HER OWN ( doctors are not required to report Rapes) where she would receive EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTION


She MUST NOT have sought out  EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTION ON HER OWN if the whole ordeal was too devastating to tell ANYONE about…..

AND then 8 , 14 or 22 weeks later  Liberal   civil rights demand that the woman have access to an anonymous Abortion on Demand because she is a ‘Rape Victim’?!

Gimme a Break!

C’mon  Liberals……    Life just doesn’t work like that.  Rape is a CRIME  and a CRIME is defined by the jurisdiction in which the event occurred.  You know That.

Ah yes, Carl Palidino.  The EXTREME Candidate.   Here is an 15 second ad for you Carl, free of charge…

“The Democrats call me an ‘Extreme’ politician.  Andrew Cuomo supports legal Partial Birth Abortion. Download a video of a Partial Birth Abortion then tell me who you think is ‘Extreme’…  I’m Carl Palidino and I approve this message.”

Could be a Game Changer Carl……  And you Need one…