Associated Press and Yahoo News Strike Again...

Remember about a week ago when every liberal in the media  lectured us at naseum about how journalists must present material in the proper context?

Heres the first few lines on an AP story featured on Yahoo news….

PHOENIX – The fight over Arizona’s immigration law showed no signs of letting up Friday as the federal judge who blunted its force faced threats and the Republican governor who signed it considered changes to address any faults.

In the days since U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton put on hold the most controversial parts of the law, hundreds of e-mails and phone calls — including some threats — have poured into the courthouse.

Seventy people have been arrested in demonstrations.

And a fund set up to help defend the new law added $75,000 Wednesday alone, giving the state more than $1.6 million to get Bolton’s ruling overturned.

Call me crazy,  but I think the context of the line ‘Seventy people have been arrested in demonstrations’ would indicate that the people arrested were people that supported the Arizona law and opposed Judge Boltons ruling…..

The first two sentences of the story reference the ‘threats’ made to the judge by supporters of the law.  Then, ‘Seventy people have been arrested in demonstrations’   The next sentence indicates a legal fund was set up by supporters of the law.

In fact, no where in the story does it mention that the only people that have been arrested have been opposed to the Arizona law.

But don’t worry, at the end of the story the AP writers assure us that if those vile hate filled conservative Tea Party  groups do decide break the law, the will be in a lot of trouble.

“We understand that people will vent and have a First Amendment right to express their dissatisfaction. We expect this,” said David Gonzales, the U.S. Marshal for Arizona. “But we want to look at the people who go over the line.”

These Liberal journalists really are the lowest of the low….