Is Obama The Most Athletic President Ever?

This was the title of an NPR story from January 2009.  If you google Obama and athletic you’ll get countless slobbering stories about his basketball court toughness, his natural golf talent, his long intense workouts at the gym, and a highly disturbing amount of stories by male journalists praising his shirtless physique.

We never get to see him actually play basketball or golf or workout at he gym.

We are just told at naseum that he is an athletic specimen to behold.

Here’s what we know.

Obama smokes. As someone who smoked for 14 years I can tell you there is no such thing as a part time smoker.  Smoking  certainly  limits your athletism, especially in a cardio vascular stamina sense.

Obama has high cholesterol.  Not that you can’t be athlectic with high cholestorol, but if you are really doing intense daily workouts at the gym it probably shouldn’t be high.

Now for the only attempts at sports by Obama that the public has been allowed to witness unedited .

Bowling in PA……..37

I really don’t care if he ever bowled before, if you’re athletic you can do better than a humiliating 37.

2009  All Star Game First pitch

I watched a half hour of introductions and commercials to see Obama’s pitch as well as the crowd reaction to him.  Some Boos, Some Cheers….Okay.  But the network intentionally did not show the pitch, at least not from an angle that you could determine how he threw the ball.  I’ve been watching baseball since 1980, and every pitch is filmed from a centerfield vantagepoint so you can see the location of the pitch.  For the first time in modern television history, a pitch was  filmed from the side  of the mound facing the pitcher and then the camera spun around clumsily to Albert Pujols who had scooped the ball already and ran out to shake hands with Obama.

Involuntarily I leaped up from the couch and said in front of my in laws ( some of whom lean left) and said

“They shot the pitch that way because Obama throws like a girl and they knew it…!”

I’m alot of fun at family events.

2010 Nats season opener

I guess the memo that the prez throws like a girl didn’t make it to today’s game.

Maybe the guy doesn’t play baseball either….But you’re the president with all the resources of the US government for more than a year, if you have any shred of athleticism, you should be able to throw a  baseball better than Adam Lambert.

Personally, I don’t trust a guy that can’t properly throw a baseball.  But I could be persuaded to look past that shortcoming if I didn’t have to hear about the vast athletic ability of this guy nonstop.

Let me end this with a little conservative fantasy.  How much fun would it be to arrange some type of one on one charity basketball game, and watch Sarah Palin absolutely SCHOOL Barack Obama on the half court?