Time to go to the Mattresses

They beat us.

They played dirty.

They played without regarding  the opinion of the American Citizens. They played without the support of a single Republican in either house. Not even any of their favorite Republicans.

Then they rubbed it in. They rubbed it in to all Republicans and to the American People.

Now I would really like  moderate Republican Senators like Graham, Snowe, Collins, Brown and the rest to pay attention tomorrow.  Obama and Reid and Pelosi will drool all over each other and all the other Democrats and then proceed to go on a media blitz saying how All Republicans are racist, bigoted obstructionists who don’t care about the health and well being of the American People.

How’s that feel Olympia ?  What about you Susan ?

Now I hope that the Republicans will remain united until November and keep slowing up whatever nonsense is thrown on the floor by the left but there is something that the Republicans in the Senate could do that would absolutely Incense Obama and the Liberals.

Hint :  Old, Wrinkly, Bow Tie, Left Wing……

No, not the California Raisins.

John Paul Stevens will be retiring, probably within the next month or so.

Time to play hardball.  Filibuster his replacement.

Now Obama’s cabinet were all confirmed no problem as was Sotomayor, but that was a different lifetime.  Obama was still popular with the people and everybody he picked was touted to be the Best and the Brightest and historic and whatever praise the media could throw at them.  Like I said, it was a lifetime ago.

The Republicans in the Senate didn’t want to seem like obstructionists and confirmed the new Presidents Cabinet and his first Supreme Court Nominee.

Now its kinda cool to obstruct the left and the Republicans can point to some of Obama’s past appointments to illustrate his lack of judgment.

Timmy ‘TurboTax’ Geithner

Eric ‘Never met a Jihadist he wouldn’t relocate to your city’ Holder

Janet ‘ The System Worked’ Napalitano

Not to mention the card carrying Communists and Maoists the have been appointed Czars.  We can say with some certainty that whoever Obama  nominates to replace Stevens will be an ultra left wing activist.  They shouldn’t be confirmed.  Filibuster and let the new media drag the nominee over the coals until the public outcry is for them to step down.

Why should their side always get whoever they want confirmed without a fight?!?

Screw them!  Remember Bork, Thomas, Estrada?

Let Obama have to pick a moderate judge.  Sure we won’t get another Scalia appointed by Obama, but we shouldn’t settle for another  Ginsburg either.

Let their side get outraged and cry unconstitional when President Obama himself was willing to filibuster Justice Alito over pure ideological reasons.

Let’s tear up Obamas next nominee until they step down, and tear up the one after that until we get the Dems to agree to a change in the Senate rules for judicial conformations to a simple majority.  Maybe the next President will then be able to nominate an originalist without a war in the Senate breaking out.

The Blitz is about to begin.  Republicans will be painted as money obsessed slimeballs who hate poor minority children, Dems the all knowing Messiahs who have finally brought health care to the American People.  There are no moderate Republicans, only far right racist wingnuts.  It won’t be Daily Kos or Michael Moore saying that, it will be the Democrat Leadership.

Snowe, Collins, Graham, Brown…….What are you prepared to do?