Devastation in Haiti must be Americas fault......

The devastation in Haiti is absolutely heartbreaking.  I grew up in an area in New York with many Haitian immigrants as friends who had enormous pride in their country of birth, but detested the corrupt all powerful government that compelled so many of its citizens to flee from Haiti.  Haiti is the perfect example of the misery that an uncontrolled government can inflict on its people and has been for generations.  This is as clear as day to all Haitian immigrants to the US ,  and most rationale Americans.

But not to liberals.

Liberals believe that the USA is the root of all the poverty  and oppression in the world.  Now mind you that the USA has been the number one giver of humanitarian aid to this oppressed nation of Haiti for decades, but it seems that to liberals, the USA is the cause of the misery and poverty in Haiti in the first place.

From On The Record Jan 13th 2010, this exchange between Greta Van Sustren and former President Bill Clinton took place:

Greta:  Why has this country been so poor what is the problem there?

Clinton:  Two hundred years ago, Haiti was the richest place in the Caribbean, but when it became a free black country, the first successful slave revolt, there were, first they spent years waiting for the French to invade them again , second there were people in America that didn’t want to recognize them because they felt (Haiti) threatened slavery in America, and the abuses the got from outside began to be repeated inside by the Haitian leaders themselves and over time between inside and outside abuse and neglect the country just never recovered its footing…..

Now I give Clinton credit.  He will use his name to get aid to people that really need it in that poor country.  But so will Chavez and Castro and some other leaders who rally their people against the United States as the great oppressor, and will use a statement like this for propaganda purposes.

What Clinton said was gratuitous and disgraceful.  One could easily derive the implication that the sub standard buildings and living conditions in Haiti before this disaster was somehow Americas fault.

Do you think his words will be repeated in Venezuela and Cuba?   How about amongst Al Quaeda?

I really think that the false perception of the ‘Great Satan’  worldwide is started right here at home by the usual suspects….