The Debate is Over because I Say its Over

It’s clear that real story behind Climategate is the power of liberal dogma .   As small cracks in the integrity of climate change science were exposed, the left and the media reverted  to the Alinsky standard of marginalize and attack the critics.  The doctrine of man made climate change must be exalted at all costs, and any evidence to the contrary must be marginalized.

I started thinking about another core tenet of the liberal philosophy and how disparaging research and data would be reacted to.

I thought of a few hypothetical questions that should concern those who champion ‘womens rights’…

If  there were a reliable study that linked having an abortion with developing breast cancer, do you think that the MSM would objectively report it?  Or report it at all?  Or would  the sanctity of the  ‘right to abort’ supercede the increased risk of premature death of women that choose to have the procedure?

What about the liberals in  congress, how do you think they would react if there were credible research indicating that womens lives would be saved if abortion were discouraged?  Would Nancy Pelosi look into scientific data proving that having an abortion led to increased health risks down the road?

If it were proven that abortion caused high incidence of depression or suicide or relationship failures do you think that Katie Couric or Brian Williams or Oprah would report it in order to protect women?  Would any liberal media outlet contradict the opinion they’ve promoted throughout their career, irregardless of the provability of the  evidence that invalidates that opinion?

Or would any legitimate scientific research saying that abortion has a negative impact on the physical or psychological health of women be denied, destroyed or marginalized?

There are a lot of people heavily  invested in the concept of abortion on demand……. If it became clear that  abortion was detrimental to a woman’s well being…  would anyone bother to tell you?  Or would the women of the country be thrown under the bus?

Now I don’t claim to have credible, provable information that abortion on demand damages the health of women that elect to have the procedure….

But if I did it would be newsworthy….

and it most certainly wouldn’t be on the evening news.