They didn't even bat an eye!

Is it me or does it seem to be the alarmist strategy since the onset of climategate to double-down on the insanity?

First I see that ignoramus Schwarzenegger with some goofy google map software explaining to the world  how California will sink next week or some nonsense like that.

All of you Big Tenters, does this image appeal to you?  A guy who is incoherent in two languages making a fool of himself with his liberal friends in front of TV camera?  Can you imagine the gains Republicans could potentially make in California next cycle if this jerk weren’t out there tarnishing the GOP brand?

But don’t worry, it’s not only the moronic politicians that haven’t missed a beat on the global warming front;  the goofball journalists are right back on the Yahoo news page talking about the need to put buildings on stilts and the like and an estimate of how much it will cost .

President Barack Obama and Congress are talking about $1.2 billion a year from the U.S. for international climate aid, which includes adaptation. The U.N. climate chief, Yvo de Boer, said $10 billion to $12 billion a year is needed from developed countries through 2012 to “kick-start” things. Then it will get even more expensive.

The World Bank estimates adaptation costs will total $75 billion to $100 billion a year over the next 40 years. The International Institute for Environment and Development, a London think tank, says that number is too low.

It may even be $200 billion a year or $300 billion a year, said Chris Hope, a business school professor at the University of Cambridge and part of the IIED study.

Nevertheless, Hope said failing to adapt would be even more expensive — perhaps $6 trillion a year on average over the next 200 years. Adaptation could cut that by about $2 trillion a year, he said.

As much as three-quarters of the spending will be needed in the developing world, experts say.

“Those are not the countries that caused the problem,” Hope said. “There’s a pretty strong moral case for us giving them assistance for the impacts that we’ve largely caused.”

I’ll give you a guess about where there ‘geniuses are pulling their numbers from.

They’re not retreating.  They’re not even holding their position.  They see a scandal that threatens their vision, and they are trying to ram right through it.

Who ever emerges as the representation of the alternative to all this liberal garbage must proactively attack this dangerous alarmism and fully expose the fraud that it is.  These people who create these ridiculous stories must be disproven and ridiculed in the national political limelight.