Monkey Business In Nassau Conservative Party

Ed Mangano should pull off an upset for the ages for conservatives  in the Nassau County Executive race after the Republican leaning absentee ballots are counted.  This will happen in spite of the Nassau County “Conservative Party”.

I noticed while voting that the Conservative Party line was identical to the Republican Party line with the exception County Executive Position.  While Ed Mangano was the Republican nominee , the Conservative line nominee was Steve Hansen.

Was there a key position that denied Mangano the Conservative nomination?  Was he pro abortion or vote for excessive spending during his time in the county legislature ? Was I about to vote for a RINO? Suozzi is tax and spend liberal who has punished Nassau residents with ridiculous property taxes  and I did not want to to give him any advantage in getting reelected.

Turns out, Mangano got the Nassau Conservative nomination 7 times before while running for elected office and is a solid conservative.  The lack of integrity is this case may belong to the Nassau Conservative party whose chairman Roger Bolsted, has been twice reappointed by Souzzi to his post as Commissioner of Consumer Affairs and has twice left the Republican nominee off the Conservative Party line while Souzzi ran for reelection.  I voted Republican down the line.

Conflict of Interest?


In fact holding such political influence while holding appointed office is illegal in many places including neighboring NYC.

What bothers me is that  Steve Hansen received almost 4 percent of the vote in an extremely close race.  How many people  thought they were taking a principled conservative position while in fact they were they were enabling liberal politician chicanery?

If Mangano does pull it off, his first order of business will be eliminating to Commissioner of Consumer Affairs.