The German Deal

Lets try and put the Iran deal into some less abstract terms. Its 1944. Germany is losing World War II but insists on fighting to the bitter end. The Soviets have broken through and are racing towards Berlin without any serious German opposition. The Allies have landed at Normandy and liberated Paris. Historically, Hitler would be dead in April of 1945 but not before thousands upon thousands more people die.

Imagine the Allies, the international community, decide its not worth it. They want to stop Germany without further loss of life so they open negotiations with Hitler. The only issue Hitler is willing to discuss is the Jews. Although the Allies have many other issues with the genocidal lunatic, they agree to only talk about the Jews, and insist Germany stop killing them

Hitler says he promises to stop killing Jews for 10 years, maybe 15, but after that he can kill as many as he wants without anyone complaining. The Allies don’t think that is ideal, but any agreement is better than continuing the war, so they agree. After all, without an agreement he will just keep killing them anyway, so what is there to lose?

Ofcourse, Hitler is untrustworthy, he has caused havoc all over the world, so the Allies must inspect the extermination camps to make sure no Jews are being killed. Hitler agrees but insists he gets 24 days advanced notice. He also insists that some extermination camps are in sensitive areas so Germans will inspect those sites and let the Allies know if they are killing Jews. Winston Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt think that is not ideal, but anything is better than more war, and they agree.

Hitler is amazed and pushes further. He wants to continue researching ways to kill Jews during this time, even though he promises not to use that research. He also wants to continue developing new, and better ways, to find and capture Jews, but only for “peaceful purposes” The Allies agree.

“Additionally”, Hitler continues, Germany wants to be able to purchase equipment that can be used to kill Jews but promises not to use it. Towards that end, he also wants the trade embargos against Germany lifted so they can buy and sell weapons on the open market as well as export their goods to international buyers. If the Allies don’t agree, Hitler explains, Germany will walk out of the negotiations and war will renew immediately. Finally, Germany demands the $150 Billion seized by the allies when the war began be released for immediate use. The Allies don’t want to fight any more, so they agree, and the papers are signed.

Afterwards, Hitler immediately begins giving speeches about the weakness of the Allies and how suicidal it would have been for them to continue. He renews his calls to destroy America, Great Britain, and the USSR, and orders the military to host war games to practice attacks against the Allies. He then immediately dispatches Heinrich Himmler, the leader of Germany’s most fanatical military group, to find new friends and military supporters.

The people of the United States are outraged. When Germany was finally on its knees, it had been given a new lease on life, why? If you oppose the German Deal, Roosevelt explains, you just want more war. We will watch Germany and if they start killing Jews we’ll just attack them. The opponents of the deal are incensed and work to try and stop it, but the President says it is too late, and that rejecting the deal would isolate the United States. The other Allies have already agreed and the United States would look untrustworthy. Still the opponents persist and finally the president gets frustrated and shouts at them, “You’re just the same as the Germans!”

Now go back and replace Hitler with the Ayatollah Khamenei, Germany with Iran, Killing Jews with developing Nukes, and add France to the list of the Allies and, ofcourse, replace Roosevelt with Obama, you have something very close to the current situation with the Iran “deal” Each example has a correlating connection with the Iran agreement.

Perhaps now it is more evident to the deal’s supporters as to why people are so vehemently against it, but I doubt it. Support for the “deal” is less about what is best for America and her allies, and more about supporting a political group. A group, mind you, that has a terrible track record in dealing with international affairs.

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