The Christian Question

Kim Davis, a lowly County Clerk in Kentucky, received national attention when she refused to comply with a Federal law legalizing gay marriage. She has no legal standing, as elected officials must comply with the law regardless of their beliefs, and as such was thrown into jail. “Victory!” cried the liberals, “We won and they lost!” but this betrays a fundamental lack of understanding behind the motivations of Christians.

Christians are quite used to going to jail for their beliefs. The Apostle Paul famously wrote parts of the New Testament from a Roman prison and, in the following 2,000 years, hundreds of thousands of other Christians have followed his example. Around the world Christians are jailed for smuggling bibles, opposing human trafficking, sneaking out refuges, supporting outlawed groups, hiding those perused by the law, preaching salvation, and hosting underground churches. Christians have been burned, beaten, stoned, trampled, hung, shot, nailed to trees, beheaded, dismembered, fed to animals, and many other creative methods of killing people and yet, they keep going, spreading, multiplying.

In Rome the government tried to eradicate Christianity in its infancy through taxation, regulation and outright extermination. After the Muslim conquests in the 8th Century, Christians were forbidden to hold public office and taxed at a greater rate to discourage their growth. In the 16th century, European governments, fearful of losing their alliance with the Catholics, sanctioned wars to stop Christianity. In Soviet Russia, and many other communist countries, Christianity was illegal and punishable by death. Thousands of Christians were among those “undesirables” sent to Nazi concentration camps. Today in Syria and Iraq, terrorist groups behead Christians for their faith. To Christians who have endured persecution for 2,000 years, nine Supreme Court justices present a much less challenging opponent.

The problem, the issue secularist don’t understand, is that Christians are not beholden to social whims or the tides of history, they receive their direction and motivation from God and have a long history of being persecuted, jailed and killed for that dedication. The very foundation of Christianity, Jesus Christ, was Himself persecuted, beaten, and murdered. To be so treated now is to be closer to their Savior who was raised from the grave. The powers of the state, the “rule of law”, the relentless pressures from vocal radicals, do nothing to deter Christians, it only spurs them on, moves them forward, makes them stronger.

Even if Kim Davis loses this battle, the Christians will win the war. They have been for 2,000 years.

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