Munich: 2015

Much has been said of the support of Germany, France, the UK, and Italy for the Iran “deal.” This agreement, while not perfect, we are told, will prevent immediate war and postpone Iran’s acquisition of a nuclear weapon. This agreement largely ignores the concerns of an ally (Israel) in the spirit of diplomacy, cooperation, and peace. Historians will recognize these circumstances in another diplomatic agreement signed on September 29, 1938; The Munich Agreement.

Hitler realized the allies wanted to avoid war at all cost, even if it meant fantastically bad diplomatic deals. Although Germany had gobbled up other nations prior to this, the Munich Agreement addressed a chunk of Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia was, at the time, an ally of France and Great Britain but was excluded from the peace talks (as Israel, an ally of the United States, was excluded from the Iran talks).

Germany made up lies about the motivations of the Czechoslovakian government, claimed Germans were being exterminated, and that the only option was for Germany to invade the small nation. The British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, met with Hitler who would only discuss peace if Chamberlain first acknowledged “the self-determination of the Sudeten Germans” not unlike Iran’s insistence on the “right to enrich uranium” as a basis for talks.

Chamberlain returned to Britain to discuss the plan with his government and that of France. After a time, it was decided that Czechoslovakia should give into Germany’s demands. Germany, in return, would promise to maintain the borders of Germany and Czechoslovakia, making no additional territorial demands of any nation. If Germany violated the agreement, France and Britain promised to protect the significantly weakened Czechs.

After the agreement was signed, Chamberlain declared to the British people “We have achieved peace in our time.” On March 14, six months later, Germany annexed the rest of Czechoslovakia. No help came from France or Britain. Six months after that, on September 1, Germany invaded Poland, starting World War II.
History shows us that making deals with brutal dictators, as Iran is ruled by, never ends well. Germany could have been contained prior to annexing Czechoslovakia and its rich mineral wealth, but afterwards it would take a global war and the deaths of millions. The Iran “deal” is the Munich Agreement, in form and function, and, if passed, in results.

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