screw the MSM

I’m a first time diarist here at Red State, but long time reader. I’m writing my first diary tonight because I’m outraged at the treatment McCain is receiving by the media!This whole debate has me upset. McCain clearly did better than Obama; McCain offered real solutions and Obama just droned on like a robot all night. And is it just me, or did McCain actually connect with people? Obama just rattled off memorized talking points. I’ll give it to Obama that he’s good at memorizing and reciting lines, but what has he done to demonstrate that he can handle Iran and Al Qaeda???

Anyway, after the debate, all the media could do was pile on McCain because he was too tired (aka old, like being experienced to know what you’re doing is a bad thing). They piled on him because apparently anything short of turning the election back dramatically his way (creating a 4 point swing to give him the lead) was pre-destined to be a defeat.

My question is this: how many of those people in the CNN and CBS snap polls that “gave” NObama the win were biased by the liberal slanted post-debate discussions?? Probably most of them. Now the only thing anyone’s going to talk about is how McCain lost — all the subsequent polls will be bias by the biased snap polls done. A negative feedback loop so to speak.

The way the media has treated our candidate this election is truly despicable.

Thanks for letting me rant.