We Are Tired of It

We are tired of it. Georgians who call themselves people of faith, for the most part Christian evangelicals, are tired of it. We are tired of being labeled as hateful, prejudiced, and a host of other insults thrown at us by a minority in our state. The same ones who shout for open mindedness and diversity display close-minded, hypocritical behavior. We are tired of it.

We are tired of hearing big business and the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce raise fearmongering threats of boycotts if our legislature passes the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Remember when Chick-fil-A was the target of a boycott because of the expression of faith of the late Truett Cathy? They hit record sales and grew their customer base because the people across the country who shared those values stood up to the threats.

Listen, to us, Georgia Legislators. Stand up for us, your constituents. Stop cowering under the meaningless threats that are repeated ad nauseam by the liberal media. We are not afraid of these threats. You should not be afraid of them either. We are tired of it.

The Georgia Senate adopted, by an overwhelming majority, the Georgia Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Why is this act even necessary? It should not be necessary. It is necessary because government administrators refuse to stand up and push back when the ACLU or anyone else raises “separation of church and state.” The people of faith are the ones who are usually thrown under the bus. We are the ones who have to spend money, time, and effort to defend ourselves.

Most often, after lengthy and costly legal battles, we win. While we are spending energy fighting battles that we should never have to fight in the first place, our resources that should be helping others are diverted. We are tired of it.

Georgians who call themselves people of faith give a large percentage of their earnings to feed the poor, help the needy, minister to the aged, infirmed, disabled. We work around the clock to help families who are hurting. We send missionaries around the world. People of faith help those suffering from AIDS, hunger, addiction, natural disaster, and poverty. It is not our desire to offend anyone, but some seem to actively seek reasons to be offended. We are tired of it.

For once, will our Georgia legislators stand up for us? For once will you listen to the people who send you to office rather than the deep pocket lobbyists in Atlanta? Approve Senate Bill 129 without amendment and make it a law for the average Georgian. Hear us. We are tired of it.