Let's Take The Long View

Another tropical storm is heading for the East Coast as we speak.  Hurricane Scandy has enveloped the skies above the Obama White House.  The President is being buffeted with the IRS scandal, the AP scandal, the Sebelius fundraising scandal and the whole Obamacare implementation imbroglio, the illegal appointments of the NLRB commissioners and Richard Cordray, and of course Benghazi. The second term curse is coming true with a vengeance. But Republicans must caution against repeating the mistakes of 1998.  To defeat the liberal agenda of Obama and the Democrats, the House must focus on oversight, and avoid the “i-word” like the plague.

One of the recurring words now being used to describe Obama is “Nixonian.”  If Obama was sitting in the West Wing, directing a plumbing operation and using the vast federal bureaucracy to target his enemies, “Nixonian” would be an apt description. Obama, with all of his faults, is not Nixonian. I think the President is the same old aloof, arrogant college professor he’s always been, and an incompetent manager. His staff is run amok, and the President is asleep at the wheel. Thus pursuing impeachment would be a grave error.  Unlike Bill Clinton or Richard Nixon, Obama has not been directly tied to any of these scandals. These are more of an indictment of the President’s incompetent management style than his corruption. The President sets the tone. This President’s lack of oversight has allowed government to accelerate unchecked- remember GSA? His disconnect has fostered this environment.

I see these scandals as an indictment of liberalism itself. This governing philosophy mandates trusting in the bureaucracy to stay within its bounds and to make decisions for the citizenry. This concept is completely, unquestionably, wrong. Government, once given power, will expand outward in every direction until checked by an outside force (read: whistleblower/scandal/public outcry). Barring this outside force, government will take all power it can unto itself. Liberalism wants more bureaucratic oversight and boards and commissions ad nauseum, but monitoring government with government is like trying to use an active hose as a rope: It doesn’t do the job, and it makes an incredibly large mess. The only solution is reducing the size of government and returning power to the states and people. All of these scandals show how commonplace bureaucratic incompetence is in the Age of Obama (remember Fast and Furious? Solyndra?). In 2016, Obama will not be on the ballot. Whether it will be Clinton, Biden (God willing), or Gillibrand, we must show that liberalism and big government policies to not work. Tying these strictly to Obama eliminates these scandals from the playing field. Showing these scandals as the normal byproducts of government run amok, however, is how we must continue into 2016 and beyond.

Congress, do not attack the President’s character directly. Ignore the loony birds like Steve Stockman or Louie Gohmert who call for impeachment and all sorts of ridiculous measures (Casting aspersions on asparagus…). Perform your oversight duty with diligence and tenacity. Overturn every rock, find the root of these scandals and purge them from the government. But do not overreach. Obama will never be up for reelection. Indict liberalism, not merely its current incarnation.

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