Who I Am as a Conservative

Well this is my RedState debut.  I am a junior in high school, in an area where most of the “intelligentsia” of my age are liberals and there are but a few conservative stalwarts to counter their views.  Technically I would be a moderate, but my reputation among the young McGoverns in my school is that I am the most hard-line, reactionary Republican since David Duke. Which is totally inaccurate. My spot-on Sarah Palin impression does not help matters. I was a Gingrich man in the early primaries, later I became a Romney partisan who wanted to see Bobby Jindal on the ticket, and I was a Giuliani man in 2008.  My views have been evolving, and I know that two probably won’t be that welcome here. I guess I’ll start from the top:


Fiscal: We need a balanced budget, fast. The President needs to have a line-item veto, and I fully advocate using any means necessary to reduce our spending levels. I support Defense cuts, discretionary cuts, and SS, Medicare and Medicaid reform. Private accounts for Social Security would be ideal.

Social: I am an avowed pro-life Catholic. I would prefer the overturning of Roe vs. Wade and the return of abortion laws back to the states. I see gay marriage differently. If they want to get married, I don’t think I as a conservative can tell them they can’t. I personally can’t reconcile being a small-government conservative on fiscal matters and then allowing government to get involved in marriage. I do not support a federal legalization of same-sex marriage, but if the states want to I think they should be able to. Same goes for marijuana- I don’t want to use it, but it is less dangerous and addictive than alcohol and tobacco. Legalize it, fast.

Foreign Policy: I think we must stand by Israel, but not go out of our way to piss off the Arabs.  I think its time to bring the troops home in Germany and Western Europe, and start to cut down our overseas bases. I am more of a domestic policy wonk, but I am still fleshing out my foreign policy views.