How did we end up here?

John McCain is the one I will vote for, but I do it begrudgingly, like so many others. I’m sick about democrats –yes with a small ‘d’– ignoring the awful record and background of their candidate. They don’t care; this isn’t about him; its about beating Republicans at all costs. They want their day of glory more than a healthy America. I am a software developer. Liberalism runs wild in this niche. My dearest friend claims ‘McCain doesn’t even use email.’ […] My friend says his candidate is going to give him 1,000 dollars in a tax break and McCain is a corporate whore. […] I tried for months to get through to him, to no avail.

I watch this campaign, and I see MC’s joy ride. He has nothing to lose, that’s why he chose Palin. God Bless her! ‘I’m going to name name’s! [except when it really counts of course]’ He has had time after time to smack down Mr.Anti-American and he squandered it. He is losing now. His perfect storm was to slay Washington in the week of the housing crash. And he serves up drivel like ‘The American people need this problem fixed and we must come together.’ […] No kidding expletive Sherlock?

He is no Maverick, he is nothing more than a typical Washington politician with his hand out for the Presidency. No?, then why did he ram rod us with his amnesty bill, and his campaign finance reform bill? God bless him for being a man while held prisoner, but America should come first, not pride.

All of the states that nominated him will rue day, and so will the rest of us, now. I cast my vote as a conservative who has to settle for this schmuck.

God help us.