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I am so ticked off right now, I cannot hardly contain myself!

Being a grandmother, and having a store with collectibles, I do my marketing on some web sites that I can get a feel for what young parents need and it’s nice to have input as I am also a nurse.

I signed up at babble.com a few months ago.

I have not been paying attention to the emails as of late, due to the crisis in our country and all the cra_ going on.

Last night and again today, I receive a “newsletter” that peeks my curiosity.

These folks set this web site up almost 2 years ago with the “appearance” of being for young parents. But, they had an agenda from the get go, no doubt about it!

Every single person that is on this sites payroll, are Pro Obama and they are using this site to push the agenda, under the guise of being, “for young parents” big time!

They reach over 800,000 people a month and have well over a million hits a month!

Young mothers are getting mad on here and fighting back.

It just shows that these folks stop at nothing.

Beside the new “online” propaganda they are spreading with anti Palin videos, using young children and adolescents, they are totally unconscionable!

Check this guy out. CEO and Co-publisherauthor bio Rufus Griscom

No one can tell me that this campaign has not been a very very well thought out agenda for years now. They want to make sure that after the last 2 blunders of losing the elections, they will not lose again, no matter how they do it.

CEO and Co-publisherauthor bio Rufus Griscom co-founded Nerve.com in 1997, and was the publication’s first editor. Since then, he has seen the company through many stages, including the launch of Nerve Personals, the publication of 12 Nerve-branded books with Random House, Doubleday, Penguin and Chronicle that have sold over 1 million copies, and the continued expansion of the Nerve website. In 2001 Rufus co-founded Spring Street Networks, an online dating technology company, which was sold in 2005. Today Rufus serves as CEO and Chairman of Nerve Media, which owns Nerve.com and Babble.com. Rufus graduated from Brown University in 1991. He has two sons, Declan and Grey, with his wife, Alisa Volkman.

To see demographics etc


To see how moms are fighting back

http://www.babble.com/CS/blogs/strollerderby/archive/2008/10/22/morning-news-pregnant-with-palin.aspx?CommentPosted=true#commentmessageThis was in yesterdays email

Primer: Health Careby Kim Mance

Which candidate’s plan is better for our kids?

While living abroad in Norway, I had my second baby. Everyone back in the States thought I was nuts. They even had me a little nervous. I’d always assumed socialized medicine was subpar, but that was not the case. The maternity ward was well equipped and the certified nurse midwives who attend all non-complicated births were awesome. The entire experience was thoroughly impressive. …

This was in todays:

The Daily Palin: Her clothing budget is how much?!?

The Republican National Committee has been dropping piles of money on new clothes and accessories for Sarah Palin out on the campaign trail – $150,000 so far…

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