The Legislative Lords and Fort Mudge Memorial Dump

Some have called for Barack Obama’s impeachment.

That’s political opium.

The Republic’s salvation lies in impeaching the Congress–not the President.

Jeffery Kuhner stated the case for impeaching the President in the 7/22/10 Washington Times  (“President’s socialist agenda must be stopped”).

But Congress won’t make America’s first black President our political equivalent of Charles I.

The House needs 218 votes to impeach; the Senate, 67 to convict.

Even if Republicans elect this November enough Representatives to impeach, it’s barely conceivable the House would ever do it.

And, short of a Hindenburg event in the White House, two-thirds of 100 Senators would never convict.

Besides, Congress is more responsible for Obama’s mismanagement than Obama is.

Presidents can do little lasting abuse absent Congressional enablement, complicity, or acquiescence.

And Congress has the Constitutional authority to bring any President to his knees.

Unlike Clinton (for whose impeachment offense he alone was responsible), Congress has enabled, been complicit in, or acquiesced in Obama’s offenses.

Just as Congress also did for the offenses of  Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, and all the Presidents–Democrat and Republican alike–before, after, and in between.

Congress convicting Obama would be like Congress convicting itself.

That won’t happen–unless Obama’s future conduct becomes a flaming zeppelin of political hydrogen.
No matter how much one may deplore the aspiring American Maoist now sitting in George Washington’s seat, he isn’t the real problem.

Congress is.

The President doesn’t represent us.

The Congress does.

Constitutionally, the President’s our chief civil and military executive.

Constitutionally, 535 Congressmen alone represent us.

If our governing has grown unconstitutional and our Presidency imperial (as both have), the proximate cause isn’t the Presidency.

The Congress is.

Neither Presidents nor Supreme Courts can constitutionally enact the people’s will.

Only the people’s 535 representative in the Congress can.

Whether by passage of law, appropriation of funds, or Supreme Court confirmation, Congress–not the Presidency–is the author of the Republic’s ruin.

The last century of career Congressmen–not the last century of temporary Presidents–has deconstructed the Constitution and imperiled the Republic.

Congress no longer represents us.

Congress rules us.

The people no longer have representatives.

The people have rulers.

The Congress has become a national nobility of 535 lifetime Legislative Lords.

Their Lordships no longer represent either the people or the Constitution by which the people constituted the Republic.

Their Lordships are a ruling class which represent the interest of their class and the continuation of its rule.

We might just as well be the downtrodden subjects of the Georgian aristocracy from which our ancestors declared their independence in 1776 and sacrificed a generation of national life and fortune in uncertain and bloody revolution.

About the only difference is the class which now rules us is a domestic rather than a foreign aristocracy–a political nobility rather than a hereditary one.

We don’t need to impeach the President.

We need to impeach the Congress.

We need November tumbrels rolling our Legislative Lords up Constitution and Independence Avenues.

To electoral guillotines at the intersection of East Capitol and 1st Streets.

For the political decapitation there of Congressional incumbencies.

Unlike the Reign of Terror which produced an Emperor and twelve years of almost worldwide war, we’ve had a Republic now for over two centuries.

The only question, as Benjamin Franklin once observed, is whether we can keep our Republic.

The last century’s record isn’t promising.

And continued obeisance to their Legislative Lordships only prostrates the Republic more deeply before the Federal tyrant Congress has become.

We needn’t continue being 310 million citizens whom 535 congressional seigneurs legislatively  rape with the stolen value of our own labor.

Unless our political prostitution is already complete.

And we’ve become citizen whores.

Mayhap we have.

After all, it’s we who maintain their Legislative Lordships in their Congressional estates virtually until their coffins claim them.

Like the lifetime Senator recently reunited with Mary Jo Kopechne.

And the lifetime Senator recently recalled to the Exalted Cyclops in the Sky.

Congress may be the author of the Republic’s ruin, but we’re the authors of the Congress.
“We have,” as Pogo Possum famously said, “met the enemy and he is us.”

We’ve elected ourselves into a legislative tyranny.

And the only question is whether we retain the will–let alone the wit–to electorally emancipate ourselves.

Too many of us have grown fonder of eating rotten meat from the tables of our Legislative Lords than putting honest porridge on our own.

But a century of socialist over planting has exhausted the state’s soil and may eventually force us back to tilling our own fields and eating from our own tables.

The average American worker now slaves on the governmental plantation for more than 63 percent of each year.

That’s how long it would take us (until August 19 of each year) to pay as we go for the cost of our Federal, state, and local governance.

Abusing our Chinese credit card, pushing our unfunded liabilities into the future, and inflating our money supply doesn’t change the reality.

Already, our 2010 dollar purchases only 4% of what our 1913 dollar did when their Legislative Lordships created the Federal Reserve System.

And, yet, their Lordships today spend $1.4 trillion a year more than the Nation affords them even though the Federal debt has already grown to $13.5 trillion and the Federal unfunded liabilities to something like an unimaginable $110 trillion.

Over half a century has passed since middle-class men could support their families on the devalued dollars of their after-tax wages.

The middle class’s shrinking slice of the American pie has already turned wives into bread tickets, made mothers into meal earners, and consigned children to custodianship.

And a Nation consuming more pie than a Nation produces shrinks the pie itself.

Like men, their societies can’t forever consume more than they produce.

Expending tomorrow’s production on today’s consumption forecloses the future.

We can only hope the Tea Party Movement proves a genuine revival of America’s founding principles–self reliance, private property, equal treatment, limited governance, and Constitutional fidelity.

Anti-incumbency may be the Republic’s only remaining recourse.

In Maryland’s Komissariat of Montgomery County (where I live), this will prove a lonely road.

Too many of us here cook, clean, and curry in their Lordships’ halls.

And shovel the manure from their Lordships’ stables.

But, should the America serving their Lordships more afield have neither the wit nor the will to electorally emancipate itself, the ruling class will soon enough misrule the Republic into the political equivalent of Pogo Possum’s Okefenokee Swamp.

And then arm itself to keep us there.

As other lords have ever done before.

Then we can all live in Fort Mudge Memorial Dump.

Like the one 90 miles across the Straits of Florida.