Concerning Hobbits

I really don’t understand why the Wall Street Journal or any other blogger who has defamed the Tea Party would think calling us hobbits would be an insult. It begs to be asked: Did they see the movie or read the book or just hide in a pop-culture-proof cave for the last decade?

Well, we know the story but I might as well share it:

The Hobbits are the ones who really defeat Sauron, once and for all. They are the heroes. These little, furry footed people who live in an idyllic land called the Shire, who are fat and enjoy eating and drinking and parties and tranquility, are the ones who stood up to the greatest evil in the entire world and beat it.

Frodo Baggins withstood the power of the Ring itself, forged by Middle Earth’s own version of Satan himself. His will was able to resist the Ring’s even though every second of every day it would tempt him, taunt him, lie to him, and weigh down on him as it tried to corrupt and turn him to evil. And yes, at the end he broke. He lost against the Ring… But he got it right to the heart of the enemy’s power. The one place where it could be destroyed. Men, Elves, Wizards-All of these big, powerful beings succumbed to their lust for the evil of the Ring, but Frodo Baggins was the one who, with Samwise Gamgee (another Hobbit, I might add) carried it all the way to Mount Doom. The Ring through their actions was destroyed… By Gollum, who, while a slave to the Ring nevertheless was the instrument of it’s destruction… And another Hobbit (Well, at the start).

And that’s just Frodo and Sam. The other hobbits in Lord of the Rings were no less heroic and no less important. Peregrine “Pippin” Took, the youngest of them all still went on this journey and while he messed up from time to time, he nevertheless fought bravely in every battle, standing up to Ringwraiths, Cave Trolls, and Orcs-ALL of them far bigger and stronger than him.

And Meriadoc “Merry” Brandybuck, who faced the same trials as Pippin and fought through them, even helping Eowyn to slay the dreaded Witch King-A monster no man could kill, but a woman and a hobbit did.

The point I’m making is that the Wall Street Journal and liberal bloggers, when not calling the Tea Party and it’s supporters “terrorists”, “American Taliban“, or “extremists” called us beings who despite their small size and comfortable living fought and triumphed over the ultimate evil in their world despite the fact that the forces of good were not looking all that great.

So you know what? I’m proud to be called a hobbit. I want to be a hobbit. Because in the end, despite the loss and apathy and darkness around us, we carried on and saved freedom, liberty, and all that is good in this Earth.

For the Shire, indeed.