Western Conservative Summit 2011

This is pretty much my first political convention of any kind. It’s a little strange not going to a scifi/fantasy convention (though there is cosplaying: See Cecilia Thompson’s website, www.BestSarahPalinImpersonator.com). It’s not even really a convention, just a small gathering of a thousand people at the Mariott Denver Center Hotel sponsored by Colorado Christian University. The people are nice and friendly and interesting to talk to, and I’ve already listened to Senator Rick Santorum and Governor Rick Perry give some great speeches.

And no, the latter has not announced his presidential campaign yet.

As for the former, Senator Santorum’s speech was long, but very moving and engaging. The man has humility and didn’t use notes at all, and he is in my mind quite the Determinator. However, few presidents in recent memory came directly from the legislature. All the same, should Mr. Santorum win the nomination I certainly wouldn’t vote against him.

Former Governor Owens was also there (as well as a second lieutenant in our national guard whose name I regrettably forget)  to introduce Governor Perry. It was kind of interesting to learn at one point three states of the Union were under the governorship of Texans, including my own. Governor Perry did rely on notes, and came off as a harder-edged, deeper voiced George W. Bush. He stuck to his conservative guns more readily which would serve him well if he decides to run, and his governorship’s accomplishments certainly speak for themselves.

My only real complaint about the summit is that thanks to it’s format, it’s difficult to have enough time to ask the speakers any real questions. Two questions were asked of Senator Santorum which both resulted in two long (albeit interesting) responses. Granted, this isn’t devoted entirely to Q and A but I would have liked to get some questions answered regarding any positions these gentlemen would take if they became President. Given they usually save that for debates and interviews with the press I guess I can understand, but I would like more of a chance to be heard.

Herman Cain is to speak at the summit today, unfortunately I will not be able to attend myself due to two doctors’ appointments. But there’s always the livestream which you can follow along with here: http://www.ccu.edu/centennial/events/wcsummitlive.asp

Mr. Cain is also regarded as a long shot, given candidates with mostly business experience and (relatively) minor political experience have rarely (if ever) done well in presidential campaigns. But he too is on message, an eloquent speaker and knows his stuff. He also demonstrates humility for misspeaking and has proven very popular on YouTube. While history tells me that his chances are slim at best even with today’s changing technology and world, I can’t (and don’t want to) count him out yet.

More news on the summit as it develops.