Zionist World Conspiracy Theories: A Response

On numerous right and even left wing sites I check out, I often see at least one post that accuses the Jews and Israel of running the world in secret and just drumming up sympathy through their money going to the right pockets. After all, there are so many Jews in finance, in Hollywood, the media and politics that surely it’s all one big conspiracy aimed at ruling the world.

… I’m sorry, what.

Here’s a thought: If Jews REALLY ran the world, you’d THINK the media would be far more favorable to them, their puppets in governments would be more accepting, and anyone who wanted to kill them off were found after having been in a “terrible accident”.

Seeing how the members of Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran’s government, Syria’s government and the Muslim Brotherhood have not all suffered “accidents” and are instead gearing up to destroy Israel while the Left in the West either cheers it on or quietly supports it, I’m going to have to go out on a limb and say that the Zionist Overlords either don’t actually exist, or are as lousy at their jobs as Obama is at being President.

And if it’s the latter I don’t think they’re a competent enough group of people to run a lemonade stand, much less the world.

So really: If you’re going to bring in the whole Zionist World Order Conspiracy theory, save yourself some trouble and just go with the “aliens are peering into my mind through the nose probe I got” theory, it’s far more credible and will only make you look like an inbred hick rather than an anti-Semitic inbred hick.

Or worse, a liberal.