July Fourth: An Open Letter to Liberals

Why is it that anyone who brings up their pride in America nowadays has to make apologies for it? You can’t go a day without acknowledging slavery or the mistreatment of Native Americans or how so terrible life was under the Bush administration. Especially on THIS day where most Americans just want to celebrate the freedom and prosperity we have and the men and women who gave their lives to ensure we have it.

We don’t forget our mistakes. We’ve fought wars over our mistakes, we have pushed through painful legislation to correct our mistakes and allow everyone who feels they have been wronged by the actions of our ancestors to say this vigorously. You can even make a fantastically great living off hating and disparaging America. Just look at Michael Moore, Bill Maher, they’re not being lynched.

So why is it that some people just can’t take a break from it and let it go and maybe think to themselves, “You know, those old white men might have had a few good ideas despite being sexist slave owners. Like letting us choose our leaders, letting us decide how to conduct our business, like ensuring there were provisions in the Constitution to let us amend it to extend the vote to women and people of different skin colors and to end slavery. And even letting me complain about the government, own a gun, practice my religion and live my life freely so long as I don’t infringe on the rights of others”?

Now, I’m not asking you to agree with everything a current government says or does because I sure as heck don’t. But I’m asking you to think. To really think and consider that maybe this America thing, founded by flawed men as it was, was nevertheless a pretty good idea. It’s the ideals we need to salute, the ideals we need to strive for because if we don’t then it is the law of men that rules over us.

And as history has repeatedly shown us up to the modern day, men make for pretty lousy gods.

To those people who just can’t let it go for one day, who can’t appreciate the good things about their lives and about this country and it’s founders, well… You’re free to do so. But you’d be a lot happier and a lot less constantly upset if you just stopped for one minute and thanked the fact you live here, where the common man is uplifted and celebrated and has just as many rights as some rich Harvard schooled busybody who can’t just let people enjoy themselves for one day.

Because really, there are many names for people who can’t let go and have fun and appreciate the good things in life and have to ruin it for everyone else: D**chebags.

Don’t be a d**chebag. Thank the Founders for a minute and then go have fun. Whether it’s attending a fireworks display with beer, hotdogs and apple pie, or it’s going to an art festival filled with fun and fantastically crazy stuff, or even riffing Independence Day.

Go. Have. Fun.

Because in the end, if you can’t have fun without feeling constantly guilty about it then it’s no longer fun, is it? And it’s no longer free.