Fighting Liberal Bias on Wikipedia

Greetings fellow Patriots, both New England and otherwise,

I write to you today to ask for your help in fighting liberal bias on Wikipedia.

It comes in all shapes and forms, I for one experienced it when I tried to change “American football” to just “football” and was rebuffed by the various soccer loving socialists who call soccer as football.

What I experienced though is just the tip of the iceberg — Conservapedia has found over a hundred instances of liberal bias in Wikipedia, and there’s no doubt thousands more given the fact that the website is constantly changing.

Whether it’s pictures of women’s private parts on articles about reproductive organs that our children could see, or the fact that they readily admit they hate Democracy , these liberals must be confronted with the truth immediately.

What i’m looking for is a place away from prying eyes to help become a part of the fight against this filth, and I ask for your help. Together, I know we can confront and defeat this Marxist internet propaganda.