A few more days

If we did not know or if we did know and simply didn’t accept that very few voters/citizens do not make any effort to find out or understand what is happening within our government, within our economy, within our lives, this election cycle should drive us to a final and complete acceptance of this reality. Most have an idea of what they want the American way of life to be or believe it to be in a subjective way and simply rationalize, distort, and deny, any thing/everything they see, hear, sense to the contrary. Very much like the people who lived in matrix in the motion picture Matrix. Where computer generated reality was created by the political elite, supported by all forms of information media and delivered from moment to moment and day to day and accepted by the citizens as reality.

Is this a good, fair and balanced definition of where this country and its people are?

No… There are still many seekers… Many who still remember and question the directions of the leaders over the last few decades have led us. Where we find ourselves in this presidential election campaign is at a tipping point. No longer can we or do we believe a few changes here and there will make a difference. Our ship of state much like New York is under water. The foundation that our fathers built has been weakened. This campaign is not about Obama or Romney or Harry Reid or Nancy. It’s about us. Like our fathers/mothers along with Tea Party members we have contributed through the raising of our children, passing down beliefs and values, producing good and services, paying taxes for the good of the whole, and supported our men and women in all levels of government. That is how most of us have spent our lives.

Within the history of the world no people have worked so hard, stayed focused so long, and have contributed so much to the world. We are we…There hasn’t been any group like us. What has gone wrong?

Given our history along with our imagination and creativity we can change how we are being governed. We can do this…We can solve the financial problems but first the political problems must be solved. In a very heavy handed way we must remind the people who we elected that they are ‘short term’ employees. Short term is the operative idea the politicians along with many of their supporters have not understood. Also, most of the rest of us forget this also.

We the people elect to office those who go to Washington and we the voters who hired them have no idea what they are doing. None…The question is, “What has gone wrong?” THAT is what has gone wrong.

In any business you hire someone. Screen the new hire and then watch what they do. If they don’t do what they are hired to do you fire them. Many of us have experienced this simple reality with people who have worked for us. Yet, we don’t apply this to the people we elected. Why?

The Tea Party is not a third national party….That was never the goal. It is possible that we already have two national parties too many… In my mind we in the Tea Party are emerging as the conscience of a failing political system. If we look at the current political system it seems to look the same as last year and the last century. Roll call is done ever day in the House and Senate. Bills are written, committees meet, votes are taken, election are held, some members leave, some new members come in and everything looks the same but doesn’t feel the same.

We are left with a gnawing feeling that something is very wrong. What is wrong? We want to believe, that it is them, they, individually, and as a group that has caused our feeling of distrust. Certainly that has a ring of truth but not the whole truth.

The starting idea was that we wanted to be governed by a government of the people, for the people and by the people. The form we chose was a representative form of government and called it a democratic government. Not exactly the same but since we put term limits which requires elections every-so-often we thought that would somehow make a difference in what had been done/tried in the past. (History is littered with Rome (s) and its variations.) Well, low and behold, we have congressmen and senators who have been elected to office longer that twenty seven present of our population has been living. Continuing to fiddle while our nation, under the current president and congress, are assuring us each one them is doing the right things for us and the country.
On the whole we listen to their speechifying and reelect most of them.

So with this in mind where does the finger of failure point?

Most of us know/believe Obama has failed us as president. He is running again for another term and we find that about half of the population don’t know or believe he has failed in his job. Close to half is a large number and the other half doesn’t understand how the first half are measuring his success. The next six or so days will not answer that question regardless of the outcome.

The representative form of governments have failed because the people through out history have failed to be responsible. Men and women striving for personal power are what political candidates are, what they have been in the past, and what they will be in the future. Regardless of time and/or place throughout history these same political people have promised the voters they were not in politics for personal power but to help each of them. Voters continue to believe this basic campaign tactic. They do this because it serves them by relieving them of their personal responsibilities. The underlying promise is that the politician will take care of them. How does this basic principle in representative government continue to confound and confuse the voters?

Each reader, at sometime in their life in someway, knows why and how they have made these same kind of the ‘take-care-of-me’ choices related to family, friend, jobs, etc. However, as we aged being taken care of became less and less of a goal
for most but not for all and that is who makes up the other fifty percent.

For the past month each day Obama is out campaigning he is falling in the polls in most of the important states. Common sense would dictate that he should get off the campaign trail. Which he did…. The storm gave him a cover. Team Obama being a clever group decided to send a likeable surrogate in his stead. So they decided their best bet was a disbarred lawyer, who paid a 25K fine over a personal legal issue, 850K settlement sexual settlement to a young woman, a 90K fine for giving false testimony, an a 90K fine in another sexual defined case with another woman. A man who assures us Obama should have another fours more years and who is loved by all. A sure vote getter. A man who stands shoulder to shoulder as an abuser of trust with the current president. The polls should leap….One way or the other.

From Audacity of Hope: President Obama Says

“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

You have to wonder how the other fifty percent have been able to rationalize the character of our president. It is one thing for a black man to rationalize distrust of a white man but for an American President to say that his beliefs and faith would direct his allegiances against America is hard to accept but will not be forgiven or forgotten. The writers of our history will see to that.

In the few campaign days left we may well see other news stories concerning Obama’s character as well as his hidden agenda for America’s relationships to the new governments in the mid-east. Of course he would not sent troops into Libya no matter who is at risk, or Iran, or Egypt, or any other Muslim country. (Read the above quote again.)

This episode in our national life, as destructive as it has been, is coming to an end.
I had predicted a 307 to 316 Electoral College in favor of Romney. Numerous comments believe I am low-balling this number. I hope these higher numbers they are suggesting are right and that I have made yet another mistake in my predictions.

After the elections the hard work will be the day to day job of taking back our country… We will supply, in this election, the congressional voters needed but we still will not control their votes on issues concerning our goals of a government, once again, for and by the people. How are we going to do this? Will there be any energy left to do this job?

Let me float an idea as a starting point: Lets us, in the Tea Party, fund a central web site (one exist already) where information on every bill in house and senate committees are posted. Insist every representative and senator post what they are thinking about each bill. It doesn’t matter if the bill is incomplete. Have a voting section on the web site tied to comment from us. That kind of information and exchange of ideas will allow us into the governing process. Also, it will help the elected to remember who hired them and what their job is about. Hopefully this would create a sense of working together. This may help. But if we don’t find someway for us to stay connected to them and them to us we will be complaining again in twenty four months about the same things we have complained about in these last two election cycles. What we know is calling their office or sending e-mails does little if anything.

Only 5 days and 10 hours left. There is still time to do a lot of ground work.


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