Antonin Scalia - The Pelican Brief - in reverse?

I’m NOT a conspiracy theorist, but leftist Hollywood made this look perfectly feasible when a Republican President was culpable in the murder of two SCOTUS judges by a “big business” (comparable to ultimate evil in the leftist realm) contributor, “… when they could ensure their replacement.”

A seemingly perfectly healthy 79 year old man, with access to the best healthcare possible, dies suddenly in a remote location in Texas, of all places, where he would be surrounded by armies of gun-toting supporters should he be even remotely threatened. Hmm …

Has anyone heard the cause of death? Is there any doubt that worshipers of mass-murderers like Mao and Stalin are perfectly capable of such an atrocity?

Its just a Hollywood fantasy, right?  RIGHT? Disturbing similarities …


edit: Just in case no one knows what I’m talking about – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0107798/