"National Socialist Party" aka Nazis

<Begin Rant>

WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!  I can’t believe I see you intelligent people once again tacitly accepting the

Leftist/Marxist/Democrat obfuscation that WE are FREEDOM LOVING NAZIs!  Read your history people.

Socialism is not an “end”, its a “means” to an end, i.e. Fascism(Nazi) and/or Communism.  When they

accuse one of US as being a Nazi, they accuse us of BEING THEM!!!!!  Its a self-defeating argument.  If

it were actually true, they would be sending legions of A.C.O.R.N. and SEIU thugs to guarantee the election

of one of their own.   If the Tea Party was ACTUALLY racist and fascist, George Soros would be funding

it with every dime he had.  This is their MO:  Accuse your opponent of your crimes, and convince the

stupid electorate (“the useful idiots”) that only YOU possess your opponents virtues.

I don’t know if Mr. Cantor is just ignorant of history or just plain stupid, but by throwing a Tea Party

candidate under the bus because the socialists try to paint him as a Nazi, he has emboldened them to

use this tactic over and over and over.   They have been doing it to the Tea Party since it began, and

NO ONE has called them on this HISTORICAL FACT:  Socialism led to Fascism led to NAZIS!!!

They don’t hate this guy because he’s a Nazi, they hate him because he’s NOT!!!!  To wit, Eric Cantor

should be in Ohio right now campaigning FOR him, as should every freedom loving poster on RS.

<End Rant>