Why are we allowing our gov't "servents" to exempt themselves?

Dear Moderator:  I haven’t posted in a long time, so please instruct me as to the appropriate place to post this discussion.  I ran a search for “exemption” and couldn’t find a thread where this would fit.

One of the greatest fears of our Founding Fathers of forming a “national government” was placing too much power in the hands of a “ruling elite” that could ignore the will of the people and/or pass laws that applied to everyone else, but “exempted themselves”.  In short, placing themselves “Above the Law”.  The U. S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are two of many documents which are based in this most important aspect of our Republic:  “… that those that write the laws MUST be subjected to those same laws.”

Congress has “exempted”, not only themselves {regardless of party}, but anyone who works for the federal government, from this “Health Care Reform”.  Add the union exemptions, and we are talking about nearly 60% of the population that is at least in part, not bound by this law.  How many votes do you think this abomination would have gotten if it applied to THEM??  ZERO!  This is nothing new.  The ruling elite has been placing itself “Above the Law” for decades.  It has become so common for these elitists to add the “self-exemption clause” to every bill they pass, that it is scarcely even mentioned anymore.  Even now, with dozens of State Attorneys General commencing lawsuits against this bill, NONE are suing on this clear violation of our Constitution.  Why?  Would some of you constitutional scholars out there please show me the “Government may exempt itself from any laws they write” amendment?  It sure as hell is not in the original document.

In my opinion, this is the single greatest threat to our liberty (or what’s left of it).  This alone would stop the Obama/Reid/Pelosi Socialist/Marxist/Facist takeover in its tracks.  Rescind ALL exemptions to ALL laws passed since 1791.  Make ALL laws binding on the people who write them.  Just maybe we can save this Republic.  I pray its not too late.

How do we do this?  On November 2nd, we will be voting for 435 Representatives and 33 Senators.  Each one of them will take an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution, but only AFTER the vote.  How about we insist they take this oath BEFORE they get our vote?  And we add one additional oath, just to clarify.  Any candidate must vow to rescind all exemptions to any past, present or future laws, or alternatively rescind the law itself, which benefits any public servant over any private citizen.  Pick any bill introduced in the past 100 years, no matter how hair-brained or misguided, remove any exemptions for the public sector, and you tell me how that bill will miraculously become better.

To be Continued …