Are We Seeing The End Of America

We knew the boneheads and traitors on the left would never “get it”, but it is becoming increasingly obvious that the Republicans aren’t close to getting it either. Look at some of the laws they’ve passed since the historic election that demanded they stop passing ridiculous laws, spending money we don’t have and wasting their time. Commercial Advertising Loudness Mitigation Act. They passed the CALM Act which requires advertisers not to turn up the volume on their commercials. This bill is damnably stupid for many reasons, but here are a few. First it reduces free speech. Congress has no control over advertisers. It is unconstitutional to limit free speech in this way. Even if by their standards congress believes it has the right to govern broadcasters (which they do not) at least theoretically they could force broadcasters to install equipment to make sure commercials are all broadcast at the same level. But they, even in their wildest imaginings cannot control advertisers. This bill passed with 100% of Republicans approving in “Unanimous Consent.”

Food Modernization Safety Act. Senate Bill S.510 unconstitutionally, treasonously, gave away U.S. food sovereignty to the World Trade Organization and the U.N., while making it illegal to store certain foods, grow food, possess seeds, have a victory garden, and who knows what else. Additionally, it is going to cost billions to implement and enforce and requires the hiring of thousands of employees. All of the senate democrats and 15 republicans voted for this act of sedition. (See my article on this bill at: http://zootter.com/provision1.htm#Happens) We could talk about the complete wastes of time, like votes to require breeders to exercise their dogs. I kid you not. Senate bill S.3424, which “Requires the Secretary of Agriculture to promulgate requirements for the exercise of dogs at facilities owned or operated by a dealer, including requiring daily access to exercise.” Or unfunded mandates to states, forcing them to extend certain kinds of patient care. Other bills would force states to pay for additional unemployment and medical care.


Then there is the one-sided START Treaty, the Trade agreement with S. Korea, which is very one-sided in their favor and secret deals to send trillions of dollars to overseas banks and corporations, that are quietly gathering the straws that will break the camel’s back, are being allowed to continue. And all of this at a time when even many of the Presidents own advisors are saying “STOP.” We can’t afford to sustain the economic course we are on. We are going broke. I am going to be as brutally honest as I know how to be. This economy is going to collapse, along with the European economies and most likely the Russian and Chinese economies.

Unfortunately, I believe the dye has been cast. We have been warning America for over two decades that this day of reckoning was coming. I have told people to stock up on the three precious metals, gold, silver, and lead. If you are counting on the republicans to come in and save us, my admonition to you is, “Don’t hold your breath.” I can give you countless bills, economic models, and data supporting our dire situation, but by now, there are really only three groups of people in the U.S., and you are, by default, a member of one of them.

The first is group is the left who want this to happen. They are championed by Mr. Obama, George Soros, Maurice Strong, Barbara Boxer, Al Gore, and that entire cadre of seditious leftwing villains. But don’t kid yourself, the progressive wing of the Republican Party is no different. This includes the likes of Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Norm Coleman, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Gordon Smith, Richard Lugar and many others. They are not only glad that the economy is going to cave in, they are strongly nudging it in that direction with unsustainable programs, spending, and draconian governmental controls. Their plan is to replace our system with a world government. Remember, this is all happening with the backdrop of failing economies around the world, accompanied with the usual riots, looting, burning, and violence.

So, here are all these sophisticated elite, spending day after day majoring in minors, and they wonder why we despise everything they stand for. The sad truth is, they do not get it and never will. They are just tuning the fiddle while powerful forces are preparing the torch for Rome. The second group is made up of a lot of people who don’t have a clue. This group contains most young people, almost all democrats who are not in the first group, which is about half, and the establishment Republican who continues to elect those in the first group. They are hapless, helpless, and clueless, and they will suffer immensely when the crash comes because they have no clue that any of these dire economic predictions have come true.

When it happens it will be devastating to them. Wives will be standing in stunned silence when their husbands jobs disappear, banks collapse, governments can’t operate, and there are no jobs, no money, no food, and no way out. Husbands will be sheeted in overwhelming disbelief, depression, hopelessness, and panic, which is born by crushing hopelessness. Then there is a small third group that is hopefully growing and that is the group who are becoming aware of just how horribly close we are to economic upheaval. This group contains people of all political parties and diverse religious beliefs who understand that we have never recovered from 911 economically. They get it that we have sent three trillion dollars to foreign banks and companies to bail them out; they understand that the real unemployment numbers are almost equal to those of the great depression; they have figured out that we simply cannot pay our national, state, or local bills; they understand that we may be literally within months of economic upheaval, such as the world has never seen before, and they are making preparations to store food, water, the three metals, and other physical necessities for family and friends. But more importantly, hopefully, they are preparing spiritually.

I believe that those who really know and understand this crisis are not doing so because of education by Glenn Beck or others. I believe that Glenn and others, while they have been an important contributing factor to the growth of the Tea Party movement, are only giving voice to that which these Americans knew in their gut – or better yet their spirit – that something was horribly wrong and that government, despite their protestations to the opposite, has become dark and malevolent in both their intent and action. So, it is as we approach the final days of this year. Real unemployment is near twenty percent. Jobs and companies are disappearing. If there are ten houses on your block, chances are that two of your neighbors are going to have a frightening Christmas because they have no job, no prospects, and very little money.


Our military is stretched beyond sustenance, our economy is hemorrhaging red ink, we have had no budget passed for this fiscal year, our southern border is being invaded by drug lords, who charge people to get into the U.S. to hide in the shadows, doing whatever it takes to earn a living, albeit illegally, while others bringing with them drugs, WMD, kidnapped children and who knows what else. (See“10 children rescued from smugglers in Phoenix”) This could lead to an interesting situation on the southern border, as this economy continues to fail.

What if people decide that they would rather move to Mexico to try and eek out an existence there, rather than put up with the violence, government thugs, and hopeless here? How much will the drug lords charge those trying to escape when they cross the border? Will the coyotes be heading Americans or illegals south instead of north? How bad will it get? I can’t tell you, but perhaps a story that I wrote back in 1993 will help you understand. This is the story of “Yorel of Moscow” from ChequeMate: The Game of Princes, (1993, Whitaker House, Springdale, PA, pages 11-13).

Yorel Legov remembered life as a boy, when no matter how bad things got, his family could always count on the State to be there. He mused, as he stood in the long line waiting to buy food, how different things were now.

There had been food lines for a long time, but before, he always knew that he would eventually “bring home the bacon.” Now, he knew that he would not take home the bacon … because there was none. For some time the State had taken on the role of controlling all food production through subsidies, encouraging agribusiness, using public-private partnerships, and regulating all farming through environmental protection laws (wetlands acts, clean water acts, state land acts, and a plethora of other land control acts). The production, supply, and distribution of all agricultural products, including produce, meat, dairy, and grain had all been placed under the control of the State. When the corporate State collapsed, everything fell into chaos. As a result, bringing home the bacon (or practically anything else for that matter) was at best difficult, at worst impossible. It had all seemed like such a good idea − centralized power, planning, distribution, and the like.

“Maybe,” Yorel thought, “we should have considered what would happen if the State collapsed; but at the time that possibility was just unthinkable. Everyone though the State was forever. The State provided our jobs and regulated our pay to make sure that each was treated with at least the semblance of fairness. The State educated our children and took care of all of our needs.”

Yorel was suddenly brought back to reality as the line jolted forward. However, this reality check was short-lived, as the monotony of standing in line quickly set back in. Yorel was soon moving in time backwards to his life as a boy in Moscow. That was a time when there were real neighborhoods. He knew the butcher, the baker, and all of the families around him. He remembered when the wife of the tailor was about to deliver he third child and the neighbors took turns preparing meals for her husband and the other two children. This was just a part of life. No one told anyone to do it − people just did it. Neighbors took care of neighbors.

But now life was hard. Even the thought of taking a meal to a neighbor, or delivering firewood to an elderly couple. was unthinkable. Survival was the order of the day. Yorel’s trip down memory lane was interrupted once again as the line inched forward. Perhaps today would be different than yesterday and the day before. Perhaps today he would actually make it to the entrance of the market.

Disturbances and fights in the food lines were an everyday occurrence, as people became desperate. Yesterday, a man had been beaten severely as he first pleaded and then tried to push his way into the front of the line. His plight was not uncommon. He had a wife and four children. There had been little or no food in his house for a couple of days and his children were ill from the poor living conditions in the heatless, drafty building in which they lived. There was running water only a couple hours a day and often it wasn’t clean. But even boiling water had become difficult since electricity was only available for a few hours and usually at random times. It was very hard trying to keep even the smallest supply of sterilized water to cook enough food (if it was available) for the rest of the week. Everyone standing in line was in a similar situation. Sympathy and human kindness were now replaced with contempt and anger. How had all of this started?

Yorel so vividly remembered the woods and streams, the mountains and prairies around Moscow, Idaho. In fact, his parents had immigrated to these United States from another Moscow to escape from the very conditions in which Yorel was living right now. What had happened to the American dream?

“I guess,” Yorel thought, “we sold it for another dream. We reached for the carrot that the State had dangled in front of us. We believed that they could provide for all of our needs. We could trade self-indulgent, individual rights for Utopia.” “Funny,” Yorel thought, “throughout history men have traded off their individual liberty for utopia and every time this has been the result.”

An aching sense of foreboding formed a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. The reality of the finality and irreversibility of America’s mistake settled like a death notice over Yorel − and he knew that all was lost and that the gray prison which had replaced his parent’s beautiful America was permanent. The sense of dread and feeling of hopelessness was now a life sentence, and what was worse − his children now shared that life sentence, as would future generations.

History teaches us that man learns nothing from history. − Hegel