Boehner - Rebel or Compromiser Leader or Comfortable Failure

Dr. Jeffrey “Jake” Baker:


If John Boehner Can’t Be Rebel Or Compromiser, What’s Left?


Ten-term Ohio Rep. John Boehner, the House Speaker-in-waiting. by Frank James…

In her piece on Morning Edition, NPR’s Andrea Seabrook asks the question: which of the Rep. John Boehners seen during his congressional career — the rebel or the compromiser — will show up as the next speaker?
Because he’ll be running the place, it’s seems unlikely he’ll be a rebel; by definition, it’s hard to be a revolutionary when you’re the top guy in management.  Which leaves Boehner the option of being a compromiser.
But based on what he told incoming House Republican freshmen Sunday night, it doesn’t sound like he has compromise in mind, either.  According to The Hill newspaper, Boehner told the freshmen at a dinner to essentially gird for fiscal war with the Obama Administration.

An excerpt:
House Republican Leader John Boehner told members of the incoming GOP class Sunday that the No. 1 goal for House Republicans over the next two years is to end the federal government’s “spending binge” and “job-killing policies.”
Boehner, who will become the new Speaker in the next Congress, told Republicans they may spend the “entire 112th Congress fighting to do just those two things,” according to excerpts of the speech obtained by The Hill.
Since the White House and congressional Democrats argue, and not without the support of many economists, that their policies — the economic stimulus and bailouts — have saved not just jobs but the entire economy, the Republican and Democratic views are so starkly opposing, any compromise appears impossible.

So the most intriguing question for Boehner-watchers is, if he can be neither a rebel or compromiser, what can he be?


How does one begin to address such a short piece with so much nonsense in it? Let’s begin with the assumption that there only two positions Mr. Boehner can take: compromiser or rebel.


Instead of being either a rebel or compromiser, he can be a leader. I know that it is a novel idea, but something the Democrats might want to take a look at. A leader is at times a rebel, at times a compromiser where principle is not involved.


At other times, a real leader is neither a compromiser or rebel … he is an innovator. That means he refuses to accept the status quo of comfortable and familiar failure. Perhaps Mr. Boehner will surprise all of us and lead the republicans back to constitutional government. I know … let’s not get carried away.


Next and predictably, this NPR reporter, Andrea Seabrook, always the good progressive, justifies the failed policies of the administration and progressives by saying, “Since the White House and congressional Democrats argue, and not without the support of many economists, that their policies — the economic stimulus and bailouts — have saved not just jobs but the entire economy.”


I’m not sure if Ms. Seabrook has noticed or not but the economy is in the toilet. We have 9.6% unemployment and real unemployment at better than twice that. Dangerous inflationary pressures are building and being foolishly fueled by a fed lead $900 billion monetization plan. Meanwhile, real estate values continue to plummet. Bring in all the experts you want, but the economy is toxic and growing worse by the week. How many international rebukes, like we’ve just had from the Asians and Europeans, does it take for Mr. Obama and his fellow progressives to face the music?


Continuing to deny the reality of the U.S. economy is ludicrous. History is our teacher. Life is a series of cause and effect relationships. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If you do the wrong thing for a very long time, the result is predictable. Only an idiot or someone with an ulterior motive would continue going down the same road time and time again and expect to end up at a different location. After a while one must come to the conclusion that the person is either an incompetent cretin and must be fired; or one must face the possibility that despite their protestations, this is exactly where they want to end up.


Mr. Obama and the progressives have continued day after day to go down the same road and tell the country that today is the day we end up in a different spot. They gin up “expert map makers” to tell us why today is the day we will arrive at a different place; next, they parade in artful advisors on earth’s rotation and movement around the sun and they show us calculations that prove we are physically in a different spot than we were yesterday because the planet has moved, thus changing our physical location in the universe. And what they are saying is both theoretically and actually true, but is also irrelevant and balderdash. In other words, it’s a load of crap. It has no bearing on our reality.


Bring in all the experts you want. Give me all the high toned theoretical lies and shrill sales efforts from all of the qualified experts and circus barkers you can round up. The plain truth of the matter is this, if you continue going down the same dead end road day after day only to end up at the same spot day after day, you either need to take your seat on the bus leaving for the village idiot’s convention or the conclusion must be drawn that you are a seditionist whose furtive motives and craft are aimed at the destruction of our economy and institutions. I’ll leave it to the American people to decide which of those two categories Mr. Obama and the progressives fall into.


Finally, on the notion of compromise, I did not send my representatives to Washington D.C. to find a way to work with Democrats. I sent my representative there to STOP them. I see no reason to compromise with evil. We do not need to repeal and replace Obama Care. Just repeal it. Congress has no Constitutional authority to be involved in health care, including Medicare and Medicaid. Health care didn’t become unaffordable until government got involved in the process.


And don’t get me started on Social Security. I am fifty six years old. I will not see any social security retirement money. The fund is broke. Congress has stolen the money, spent it on buying votes, and we can’t get it back. When I bring up social security, people get right in my face and say, “I paid for my benefits and I want my money. I’m not asking for government for money … that’s my money.”


They are, of course, right … but here’s the problem. It is sort of like the widow who got bilked by the con artist, demanding her money back. The guy is gone, he’s spent the money. If we caught him today, her money is still gone.


Let’s stop lying to ourselves about social security and devise a solution. The money is gone. Congress stole it. What we need now is leadership. We don’t need a Speaker of the Compromise, nor is there an urgency for a rebel with or without a cause.


What we desperately need is a constitutionalist. Get government out of our lives, remind them that they are a creation of the states and work for us … the forgotten … “We the People.”


That’s what I want from Mr. Boehner. I do not need one more benefit. I can’t afford even one more wealth stealing program. Just stop. Spend your time undoing the damage you’ve done. That, my friends, is leadership.