For Such A Time As This

Dr. Jeffrey “Jake” Baker
Edmond OK

I recently wrote a letter to a friend.  Some of the letter is personal and has been redacted but at his insistence I have placed the rest of the letter here.  A bit of an unusual posting I agree … but perhaps after reading it will  encourage you and help understand your role or calling … For Such A Time As This.

Bless you my friends in your coming in and your going out,

If we move now there still is a chance.  If we fail to answer the clarion call even now sounding in our ears, the moment will have passed, the cause lost, and America will be no more. 

For a while I wondered whether or not this nation could be restored, but of late, I have been encouraged a bit by the awakening I have seen in America.  I have been in radio, television, and print media for 25 years, and for the first time, I think that we have a chance at another awakening such as we saw with George Whitfield early in the 18th century here in America, again at the time of Lincoln in the mid 19th century, and perhaps now, early in the 21st century. 

We need to encourage patriots and freedom lovers – both here and around the globe – with the understanding that it will probably get worse before it gets better, but, our future can yet be salvaged.  In the meanwhile, whatever service any I can render you or our fellows, I am only too happy to provide.  If we can strengthen their mettle with encouragement, or raise their spiritual sights to see beyond this skirmish, to a brighter tomorrow we will have accomplished a valuable service.

I am convinced, my friends, that this must be a spiritual battle that results in political action … not a political movement with a religious tone.  In my estimation, if we do not relearn and impart to America the values that made this country great, we may clean up the disaster that is this government, only to find ourselves unwittingly electing the same vile wretches back to office in but a very few years.   

I am not about “fair and balanced.” I am about truth.  I could care less what some leftist hack or rightist progressive has to say.  We need not coddle the lie of the other side to be fair.  Seems to me they get enough air time on their own.  We need to expose the deception, destroy it, and move on.  I am looking to see the dewfall of truth refresh this land and blanket the globe with one last clarion to men of honor from the hustings to the cities, in the dark corners, or the bright cells in which the world has been locked away. 

When I was young, I thought it was about winning.  Now, I understand it is about fulfilling our destiny.  It doesn’t matter whether the perception is that we won or lost.  What matters is that we are fought the fight because it was right.  Then winning, losing, life or death become irrelevant, it’s about the destiny of a nation, which was by my understanding antecedent even to the framing of the world. 

Remarkable, isn’t it?  Free spiritual agents, with a divine destiny; and yet, by divine benefaction, given the power of choice to effectuate or abrogate the fulfillment of our destiny of our nation.  And now, here it is, on the world’s stage – in these late times – the manifestation of a centuries old struggle between the founders’ republic and the corrosive forces of progressivism; the great and final confluence of the rivers of history, divine occurrence, and the dark envelopment of socialism.  If we weren’t in the middle of the conflagration, it would be a show well worth paying to see.  But here we are.  Not mere spectators, like those picnicking gapers sitting on the hill outside of Washington D.C. at the start of the civil war, but participants all, whether we choose a side or are given one by default. 

By the grace of God, we have embraced the side of the light and truth and given the proper lair from which to surprise our enemy we will silence their lies and roar the truth louder and longer than the world can imagine from city streets to strange lands of forest or sand.   

I look forward to this time of revealing truth and the epoch of a republic in rebirth.  This is the time to once again return the nation to those first principles.  These are the times for which patriots like us were born.  These are the times of courage and story.   

In the meanwhile, lest we drink so deeply of the this vision that we forget to put out the fire, that is even now destroying our national house, and tend to the unseating of the dogs, inhabiting the seats of power in D.C., the governor’s chairs in states, and the politically effete in counties and towns across America, let us all do what we can in teaching our history, demanding constitutional government, working and contributing to campaigns that removing the corrupt and vulgar, effectuating their replacement with the honorable and forthright. 

Be encouraged, my friend, for the battle we fight now for America and truth is but a precursor to the one that is yet to come.  It is in these days that we are privileged to stand and fight for our country.  In the future the battle will be much darker and more pitched.  But ours is not to sit in vexation, but with clear heads and hearts, to make wise decisions that will show our countrymen the difficult path back to freedom, and, if we are faithful, and if we are true, perhaps we will be one day … America Again!

To that end, my friends, we have a major weapon of war that is not ethereal, but absolutely corporeal, for those of us who have purposed ourselves to restore our heritage and land; and to those of us who have dared to dream the dream of America Again. 

Following this introduction, I have provided an executive overview of our plans to build ProVision 1 Media: a radio, television, print, internet and cinema network that will include eight channels of television and radio will include news, teaching, preaching, music, history, discovery, etc.  Hollywood quality, clean, family movies will be made and shown in theaters across the U.S. and around the world; a national newspaper that actually provides the truth to readers, and utilizing the mostly unharnessed power of the internet will be streaming all broadcast material, and specialty channels, such as homeschooling, streams to enable more parents to home school.  Our goal is to raise the number of homeschooled children from 2.5 million to perhaps 12 to15 million kids, whose minds are protected from the ravages of public education. 

My friend, we find ourselves at a time when we are being hammered between the anvil of history and the reality of engulfing darkness.  My prayer for you and me and all freedom lovers, is that we understand that this battle is not about winning or losing; nor is about glory or conquest or empire.  It is about the light overcoming darkness and the saving of the Republic.  To that end, may we serve with holy boldness and reach out heavenward beyond our earthly grasp, fight this good fight with unbridled courage, forged by the white hot heat of truth, and walk in unimaginable love, even for those who are, at present, our enemy and enemies of the even our Christian heritage, because we have been filled not with the rage and guile of battle but with a Godly love and fervent desire to conquer not with might but with the rightness of our cause. 

The calling, my friends, for all of us at this late and evil hour is to stand … and having done all … to stand.    What a privilege to be counted in that glorious company to have enjoined the fray in a late version of St. Crispin’s.

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he to-day that sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile, This day shall gentle his condition;  And gentlemen in England now-a-bed  Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,   And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks  That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.

To this end, I commit this great cause, this august endeavor to recapture our land, and institutions and reawaken our people, to the saving of our Republic, the protection of our nation, and the restoration of that vision which will lead us through the fog of progressive pother, that we might sight again the shores of truth, and in setting anchorage, there become … America Again!