The Coming Crash

By: Dr. Jeffrey “Jake” Baker

Wednesday November 10, 2010If you want to view America in 2012, simply look across Europe where unions are growing, spending has been unrestrained and irresponsible, and people see government – not the private sector – as their salvation. Unrest, even militancy, is growing at an alarming rate, as violence spreads even to once safe, quiet neighborhoods. Both Spain and Greece are experiencing massive unrest in most industries including manufacturing and transportation. Even the garbage workers are on strike.

While commonsense would say there is no more money, after the world’s financial doors were slammed in their collective faces in 2007, in response to their profligate spending, the heavily socialist/communist trade unions and government handout addicted masses are outraged that their sugar tooth for largess is not being fed. Shutdowns – even violence in almost every aspect of society – are underway.

Meanwhile, France isn’t much better off. Tens of thousands have taken to the streets demanding what simply is not possible any more … gratuitous governmental spending. Protestors clashing with police are demanding better pay, shorter hours, and more perks and protected retirement ages from the government. This same wave of insanity has hit Brussels, Portugal, Poland, Italy Cypress, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, even Ireland, which was once the economic jewel of Europe. The prospect for economic meltdown in several of these countries is now almost assured and a very hard landing is optimistically predicted for most of the rest.

So why is this important? It’s about the model. Mr. Obama and his Democratic Frenchman – excuse me, I mean henchmen – are seeking to foist upon all of us this same model: bigger government, more profligate spending, and bringing all aspects of government, and much of the private sector, into the probing tentacled reach of the new Obama socialist regime.

One might reasonably ask, “Why would Mr. Obama and his fellow Dems embrace an obviously failed model? Can’t they see the future unfolding across the headlines of Europe?”

Perhaps the most important question to ask is: Why would Americans, who see these European economies devastated by their lewd, even vulgar indebtedness, continue voting for a party that is following this model?

The answer for the public is simple: the Republicans. The Republicans are their own worst enemy and the Dems best campaigner. Look what happened the last time we elected them. Showing they have learned nothing, the Republican establishment is still either disdainful of the Tea Party movement or trying desperately to co-opt it. Republicans aren’t supporting even their own Republican candidates and that can’t possibly be a good thing for either the candidates or the Republican party.

Look at the shellacking Christine O’Donnell took when she won the nomination in Delaware. Republican strategist, Karl Rove, led the assault on O’Donnell. When asked about her victory, he went into a litany of her short comings, many of which were true. However, if your candidate is weak, please don’t give the other side more ammunition by denigrating them on national television. Apparently, the Republican establishment had their feelings hurt and wanted to vent some of their frustration over the power of the Tea Party.

Unless the Tea Party wing of the Republicans can mount a real resurgence in the closing days of this campaign, their once lofty goals of picking up 65 to 70 house seats and more than ten seats in the Senate are a chimera. It’s almost as if the Republican establishment wants only a partial victory to show those darn Tea Partiers who the real power brokers are.

The dilemma faced by all of us remains the same … American stupidity. The Dems base is the hard left and the poor. The poor always want more largess. And the left, made up of some socialists and some hard line communists, who want to keep the poor dependent upon the needle of government handouts, which is really our money, is always too happy to accommodate them. It is the purpose of the left to overload the economy to such an extent that, like European economies, this economy will fail. The world’s economies will meltdown, and from these ashes will rise the New World Order, with them in charge of the new world wide communist utopia.

The Republican progressives, who control the loyal opposition party, pretty much want the same thing. However, they want a government/business alliance, which is the economic definition of fascism, to rule the same world economic/governmental system.

For my money, we need to elect every Republican that can be elected, not because they have the answers, but because they will at least slow this train wreck down so that some of us, who see this coming, will have a chance to warn others and give them and us a bit more time to prepare.

Let me make this as simple as I can. I do not believe that we can save this economy. It is going to crash. The only question that needs to be asked is: Who can survive the coming economic nuclear winter? When the dust settles, who will have the ability to retake the reins of power? Government has all the guns and control of the trappings of power, i.e., courts, body politic, economy, and every traditional media outlet in the country. It is an uphill battle, to say the least.

Fighting for survival against the “powers that be” is difficult. But, add to the mix a new toxin, militant Islam, and the gathering storm becomes exponentially more ominous. Militant Islam, and most of the rest of Islam who cower at their own shadows and will therefore succumb to and do the bidding of radical Islamists (for proof see Afghanistan), knows that their brand of theopolitical madness works best in a 19th century, or earlier, world and in a world where chaos is the order of the day. If militant Islam through their surrogates, Pakistan and Iran, take their new found nuclear enlightenment to destroy large portions of the world’s oil supply in the middle east, or use nuclear blackmail to severely curtain production, they could certainly take us to a pre-twentieth century world in the midst of chaos.

Meanwhile, we’re $13 trillion in debt; both U.S. political parties are pretty much insane and see us as chattel; we have a megalomaniac in the Whitehouse; 20 million of Mexico’s poorest are ready to riot if they are not fed; there is a gathering world-wide economic meltdown; the U.S. is manipulating markets and currencies around the world, and the Chinese, along with the rest of the world, don’t want any more of our debt.

So, the question remains: Who will survive this crash? I suppose there will be some rugged individualists and small groups that can band together and eek out an existence. Perhaps there will be some third world countries where life is already so bad that no will even notice. But to a large extent, there will be few unless …

Perhaps, if a few really smart states instituted a constitutional economy within the state, and set up gold banks, they might survive. But short of that, it would take the institution of a whole new internal economic system in the U.S., not based upon fiat currency, but based on honest weights and measures and a real exchange of goods and services. But, that’s another subject for another day.