We need less purity and more Machiavelli

Kudos to all who have held firm by demanding the absolute best we can get in this budget/debt ceiling argument.  I must admit I blinked before some here in that I gave Boehner the credit of possibly having a plan, while most here were already planning to throw him out of power.  Those that continued to demand our leadership ask for more and more were right to do so.  I did not cotton to the vicious attacks, because I thought they were not needed.  I thought constructive commentary about how we wanted more and we trusted our leadership to do the right thing was the order of the day.  In the end, that is a matter of taste, it still matters, but the results matter more.

What does concern me is that some on the right don’t seem to get what we are trying to achieve.  Or more correctly, it seems that some want to “achieve” something quite different than what most Republicans are after.  It seems that some are more interested in burning down the party and starting over  AGAIN, see 2010, rather than seizing control from the statist-socialist, class warfare minions.  I believe this to be true because some seem to want to take down guys named John and Mitch MORE than they want to defeat Harry and Nancy, not to mention Barrack.

A recent dialogue on this site consisted of people poo pooing the fact that the Kos Kidz are not happy with the potential deals in Congress.  The running theme was that “Kos Kidz are dumb” and in no way like us.  But if we refuse to accept ANYTHING that can pass the democrat Senate and presidency, are we not acting just like the Kos Kidz?  If we are always angry and can’t ever take even a partial win, we as a political entity will be marginalized.

Look at the history of warfare; for example, the Civil War.  Many here are interested in Civil War history so they should be able to follow what I am saying.  How many battles were there when one army failed to achieve all it could have achieved?  Gettysburg is the most famous example, but I think EVERY major battle can be counted.  There were always screw ups, delays, disagreements, etc that caused the loser to fail to win, or the “victor” to fail to end the war in on the battlefield.  Why was this?  It happened because people who dedicated their lives to support one side still failed to act in coordination, and in to act in a timely manner.  Or to say it better, they failed to exploit their enemy’s weakness to the fullest.

The time to debate what we are fighting for is PRIOR  to the beginning of hostilities.  Once the battle has begun, the goal is to win, period.  In this present political battle, we have the goal of winning the Senate and presidency so that our people might reduce the size and scope of government.  At the moment the democrat dream of taxing the rich to pay for more government is on the ropes, even their leaders are retreating on the idea.  The once worshiped Obama is suffering in the polls and his spell over many Americans has been broken.  Obamanomics has been a proven failure, it is even seen by the average joe as a malignancy and anti-American.  We have conservative Republicans already running to defeat Obama, the battle has been engaged.

I think we need to stop focusing so much on internal fights and start focusing on defeating our political opponents.  We can primary our own ’til the day is done, but that might just give us a few more Angle’s, and lose us the Senate and presidency.  It is time we realize that it is a good thing the Kos Kidz are angry and we should do our utmost to not resemble them in any way.  Don’t tell the left they are wrong to be angry at The One, encourage their anger, encourage their divisiveness.   When your have broken through your enemies lines, you are supposed to TURN THE GUNS ON THEM, not fire the guns pointed at your own men!

In my humble opinion, the time is coming when we need to start fighting the battle against our true opponents.  We need to make them disorganized, we need to make them weak.  If we cleanse our leadership and still fail to gain power, we will have failed, not just the party, but the country we all say we are trying to save.

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